6 Reasons Your Ministry Should Consider Having A Mobile App

It’s difficult to connect with people ranging from their early teens to the age of 30 because media outlets and social media hold their attention.

6 Reasons Your Ministry Should Consider Having A Mobile App

This day and age, it’s harder to get the younger generation to a worship service every Sunday. Worship facilities need to make themselves available on the technology platform, especially with smartphones taking over this generation. And it’s not just teenagers carrying these – your parents probably have one and maybe even your grandparents. But connecting via smartphones not only breaks the ice with a new demographic of people, it shows six other important things.

It shows you’re current
In order to connect to a younger generation, you must get on their level. Having a mobile presence can enable them to take time to visit your place of worship. Allowing them easy access can make them feel more comfortable before they visit the facility and can see what they are to expect from your services.

It keeps you connected
A mobile app will go above and beyond keeping you connected to your audience on a day-to-day basis. If someone is unable to attend a Sunday service because they’re out of town or have a sick child at home, they will still be able to tune in via your app and feel as if they are there with the rest of the audience.

It can attract new members to your ministry
Anyone who has a smartphone could download your app to see what your worship facility is all about. If an inquiring mind wants to know what a service is like before attending, or what kind of services you offer, all they have to do is open the app.

It shows you’re always there
Having an app shows you’re available 24/7 with new information about services, important announcements, etc. This will make the members of your congregation feel as if they are a priority because they will always be informed and up-to-date with the information you provide them.

It allows you to reach more people
By having a mobile app, you have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of mobile users. You are able to be available to wide range of people who are not living in your community. Not only will you make users outside of your community feel more welcome, you will make them feel as if they are already part of your ministry without them physically being there.

It makes donating and giving much easier
If your ministry is having a fundraiser, having a mobile app allows you to engage your congregation by using different ways to donate. According to a study, 39 percent of young, practicing Christians donate at least once a month to a church online, and 11 percent of all young adults donate to a church or a faith-based organization online. By having an app that allows members to donate, it makes the process of giving easier.
Some mobile donation apps include GiveEasy, mGive and Qgiv.

By introducing an app to your congregation, you are showing you can stay even more connected to them than just for a service. It will allow you to reach your members outside of your services and connect with them on a more personal level.

The more available you are, the more your congregation feels as if they are part of your ministry.

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