A Look Back at WFX 2017

Take a few moments to see a recap video of the WFX Conference & Expo, which was held in Dallas, from October 10-12.

As shown in this video screen grab, Karl Vaters, right, leads the attendees during his preconference session at WFX in Dallas in prayer.
A Look Back at WFX 2017
As shown in this video screen grab, Karl Vaters, right, leads the attendees during his preconference session at WFX in Dallas in prayer.

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A Look Back at WFX 2017

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In this 2:58 video, see a rundown of each of the five areas of focus at the WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas: Tech Arts, Next-Gen Church Buildings, Church Communications, Church Safety & Security, and WeAreWorship.

During the two-and-a-half day conference, among the presenters at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center were Justin Firesheets, the production manager at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, who is heard in the voice-over in the first half-minute or so in the video. Then worship leader and recording artist Paul Baloche is heard shortly thereafter, who served as the general session keynote at the conference. Also highlighted in the video were Karl Vaters, who held a preconference session, “Recruiting, Training and Empowering an All-Volunteer Staff,” or Travis Ryan, who was a speaker during three sessions, and also participated in the WeAreWorship conference keynote and the Night of Worship concert. In addition, Ron Aguiar of Oasis Safety, who was the Church Safety & Security keynote speaker, is also shown during the video, and then lastly, Len Wilson, Director of Creative and Communications at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, is also featured in the last few moments of the video, as he was the conference keynote for the Church Communications conference.

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