BenQ’s TH671ST HD Projector Delivers Budget-Friendly Option

Projector offers short-throw capabilities, intelligent ambient lighting technology, and long lamp life.

BenQ’s TH671ST HD Projector Delivers Budget-Friendly Option
The BenQ TH671ST Full HD 1080p resolution projector is designed to avoid unwanted motion blur and image lag.
BenQ’s TH671ST HD Projector Delivers Budget-Friendly Option
The BenQ TH671ST Full HD 1080p resolution projector is designed to avoid unwanted motion blur and image lag.

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BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, announced that its new budget-friendly TH671ST HD projector will be available soon.

Among its array of features, the TH671ST boasts ultra-fast response, exclusive LumiExpert™ intelligent ambient lighting technology for picture clarity in any environment, a 5-watt stereo speaker with custom-tuned modes, wireless options to unchain media from any mobile device, and short-throw and setup capabilities that maximize the picture even in a small space.

“The high-def BenQ TH671ST is enriched with all the latest features you’d only expect from big-ticket projectors,” said Rachel Dohmann, marketing manager at BenQ America Corp. “(It) takes advantage of today’s range of mobile content sources — all with incredibly easy setup.”

3,000 Lumens of Brightness

The BenQ TH671ST Full HD 1080p resolution projector is designed to avoid unwanted motion blur and image lag. In addition to the high 3,000-lumen brightness for lights-on enjoyment, it comes equipped with BenQ’s exclusive LumiExpert technology, which actively detects the ambient light conditions and automatically adjusts visual brightness for maximum comfort and clarity. An onboard 5-W stereo speaker offers custom modes that enable nuanced, clear audio based off content. Making it easier for viewers to untether their media content from their mobile devices, the USB-A power port allows for the use of wireless streaming dongles as well.

Flexible and Simple Setup, Long-Lasting Picture

The rich HD picture of the BenQ TH671ST is further complemented by a step-by-step setup wizard that includes basic and advanced options to fine-tune the picture to fit the space. The projector’s short-throw design only requires as little as five feet to project stunning 100-inch pictures. Furthermore, for professionally aligned images from a variety of locations — even when the projector must be placed off-center — vertical keystone correction counters the trapezoid effect and adjusts the image. Finally, the LampSave mode protects the lifespan of the projector and maximizes the homeowner’s investment, delivering up to 15,000 hours of enjoyment.

The BenQ TH671ST will be available soon in the U.S. for $749 MSRP. More information is available at

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