Biblically Developing Your Sense of Humor

A church’s Humor Quotient is a critical barometer of a church's health and has unimagined potential for missional and discipleship growth.

Biblically Developing Your Sense of Humor
Tools for mining the gold in the Scriptures: Questions people ask, how the Bible came to be, and the Book itself.

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Biblically Developing Your Sense of Humor

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Biblically Developing Your Sense of Humor

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A pastor, a priest and a rabbi walked into a bar.

The bartender said, “What? Is this some kinda joke?”

One’s sense of humor is as essential to survival as sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

At this point you in the reading audience have had some sort of response.

Maybe you laughed. Maybe you didn’t laugh, wanted to laugh, wonder why you didn’t get it, and want to be in on the joke. Maybe, if you were in a group and someone told the joke and folks started laughing, you might start laughing too. Even if you “didn’t get it.”

Perhaps you didn’t find anything funny about a pastor, a priest and a rabbi walking into a bar.


Maybe you’d heard the joke before. Maybe you anticipated what was coming. Perhaps you were offended. Maybe you were angered, thinking, “There’s nothing funny about clergy and bars!”

Whatever you’re feeling about the above, your response reflects one of your God-given gifts: Your sense of humor.

One’s sense of humor is as essential to survival as sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  Understanding and employing the positive aspects of humor are not only essential in human development. Moreover, a church’s Humor Quotient is as a critical barometer of church health and has unimagined potential for missional and discipleship growth.

It can be said that it’s easier and quicker for a church to attract and engage people, because of its sense of humor than its style of musical worship.

Don’t laugh. Not yet.

Whether you laughed or not, we started with a joke – as do countless pastors each week – purposely. Jokes evoke laughter which set a tone – good or bad – often to release tension. The upside of tears.

However, understand clearly: sense of humor is not reliant on joke-telling, or gauged by joke-getting. In fact, research contends jokes comprise only about 10 percent of the reasons people laugh.

There are several mistakes we make when speaking about humor. Some of these are, “I don’t have one;” “I can’t tell jokes,” “I don’t get it.” In a church these ideas may come out as “The Bible says, ‘Don’t mock God!’ ” “Saving souls is serious.” So serious, says comedian Michael Jr., a Christ-follower, “In my church growing up, laughing was illegal.”

To successively utilize humor, we must expand its scope beyond our traditional concept of hit-or-miss punchlines. We must embrace how humor is manifests in everyday life, especially reaching others to follow and to serve Christ.

More About Michael Edgar Myers
Michael Edgar Myers has been serving in performance ministry for more than 25 years. He is the founding director of Kingdom Impact Theater Ministries which uses music, theater, and multi-media to inspire Christ-followers in their walk with Jesus Christ, and those who are curious about Christ to embrace a relationship with Him.
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