California Church Opens Doors To Massive AVL Install

Water of Life opts for renovation/new construction mix, including building of a new worship center featuring CreateLED wall.

California Church Opens Doors To Massive AVL Install
A worship band performs on the Water of Life Community Church stage recently with the Create LED video wall behind them.

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California Church Opens Doors To Massive AVL Install

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FONTANA, Calif. — As the Water of Life Community Church grew, the time came when it had to decide whether to move or renovate. Having worked previously with Mankin Media dating back to 2010, the church opted for a significant renovation of the main campus, along with new construction of a worship center, children’s building, parking structure and outdoor gathering areas, all completed by the fall of 2015.

Integration Awards

This project won an Integration Awards 2016 award from Commercial Integrator for the Best House of Worship project.


Water of Life Community Church

1. Expect to deal with multiple budgets and/or designs.
2. Listen to the client’s desires, and adjust the proposed install based on changes from their original suggested.
3. Work to satisfy your client on this project with an eye toward the future. The integrator’s selection for this project was in part a result of the client’s satisfaction with prior work done.

1. Be up front with the integrator about what can feasibly be done within your budgetary constraints.
2. Seek to build a trust with the same integrator, to help build up a familiarity with prior projects and to avoid any compatibility problems created by working with integrators unfamiliar with prior installs.
3. Don’t ignore the future. Even if you can’t get everything done for the next project, don’t force yourself into costly upgrades that can be avoided by accounting for compatibility and an ease of transition.

For the church’s Director of Technical Arts & Media, Marvin Sinson, the most notable improvement to the campus was the new worship center, which opened its doors in November.

“You are going to a space that is three times larger than the older one, an open space where people can hang out, and that’s awesome,” said Sinson. “That’s what Water of Life is all about. It’s a real big win for us.”

For the new worship center, MMS had to fulfill all of the technology needs sought for the space, while maintaining a great deal of flexibility, to support the church’s dynamic worship experience on weekends, while allowing them to transition to other activities during the rest of the week.

“We have been able to take it to a different standard, and we look forward to growing with that,” said Sinson.

That “different standard” largely is a result of a audio, video and lighting system installed in the new space. Most notable was the 5.2mm pixel pitch, 216-panel LED wall by CreateLED, intended to be the space’s centerpiece during worship services.

“When you walk into the worship center, the second you look at it, you see how beautiful it is,” said Sinson. “Everyone wants to check out the wall when we do tours, and the coolest thing is to show them the back of the LED wall … they really like it.”

Most notable for Water of Life’s recent install was the 5.2mm pixel pitch, 216-panel LED wall by CreateLED, intended to be the space’s centerpiece during worship services.

The church’s technical director noted that the staff is still learning how best to utilize the LED wall, but explained that for Christmas and Easter, “we started to create content for the wall, so that we could put it to a full screen. There are a number of challenges that we are still dealing with, but having a 44 foot-by-13 foot wall is an awesome challenge to have.”

When the LED wall and sound system were being installed late last year, Sinson noted that once they began being tested, an added excitement arose among those involved in the project.

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