Environmental Projection: Take Your Congregation To New Places

A great solution for churches seeking to bring back some intimacy into their space is the tool of environmental projection.

Environmental Projection: Take Your Congregation To New Places
At Trinity Fellowship Church, a view of the church in the round, paired with the use of environmental projection.

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Environmental Projection: Take Your Congregation To New Places

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When looking for the most accurate ways to describe “environmental projection,” I think TripleWide Media has one of the best definitions I have ever seen: Environmental projection is the act of creating a visually immersive worship environment that ushers the intimate and powerful role of visuals and media back into our modern worship spaces.

Since this process began, I have used EP to transform multiple spaces in our church.

A lot of the time, our modern worship spaces have a disjointed and disconnected feeling from the stage to the congregation. Therefore, I feel like using EP has been a great solution for my church to bring some intimacy back into our space.

The entire room feels like one, instead of the standard worship team on the stage and then everyone else not on the stage. Whether you use old school cathedral images, new style geoscapes, or just some good looking loops incorporating your visuals farther out than just on your screens, the use of environmental projection can really pull your entire room together.

How did I get started in EP? Well our Executive Pastor at Trinity Fellowship Church pitched doing a new sermon series for Christmas, and wanted it to be a blend between a sermon and production, so he would narrate/preach from a voice-over, while actors portrayed the scenes out on stage. The entire idea was great and we were all on board with it, but there was one small flaw in the plan; we can’t have any set pieces. You see my church is in the round which provides a few obstacles, not the least of which are there’s no backstage space for scene changes, and you can’t have props on stage that are too large or else people can no longer see the screen for IMAG. So as my pastor was describing his vision he began to talk about Jesus and the disciples in the garden; he was casting a beautiful vision for it, and at one point said, “I just wish there was a way to bring the entire congregation into the garden with us.”

Boom! There it was!

The answer hit me, and I began to describe EP and how in our room the scenery would be in front and behind out members and literally bring them into the entire journey as we told it. They all loved the concept, and I walked out of the room feeling so proud and thinking this was the greatest idea of all time.

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Kevin Penrod has been studying lighting design for 11 years. He attended college at West Texas A&M, where he studied Theatre Arts with concentrations in Lighting Design and Business Management. He is currently the Lighting Designer at Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, where he manages the creative lighting design, scenic elements, and their implementation. In his free time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son and remodeling his home.
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