First Presbyterian Church Finds High Performing Solution With WorxAudio

The response from First Presbyterian’s congregants has been a very positive one relating to upgrade to WorxAudio line array speakers.

First Presbyterian Church Finds High Performing Solution With WorxAudio
As part of a full AVL implementation that was completed in October, First Presbyterian Church had a pair of powered two-way WorxAudio TrueLine X3i-P compact line array speakers and a X1Mi-P line array enclosure installed, along with new LED lighting, projectors, screens, wireless mikes and mixer.

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First Presbyterian Church Finds High Performing Solution With WorxAudio

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — As the oldest church in its area, First Presbyterian Church offers both traditional and contemporary services, and music plays a key role.

With the goal of improving the sound production for its congregation, the church’s management opted to upgrade its sound reinforcement system.

For a space where approximately up to 400 congregants can attend a service, the previous loudspeaker system suffered in being able to produce a quality musical experience.

“They sound great, they are very helpful for our worship services, and they are very flexible for what we need to do.”

Last September, the project to upgrade the space’s speakers began, and it was decided that WorxAudio Technologies line array speakers would be installed, from the TrueLine series. The install was completed in October.

“The installers were here for two weeks,” noted First Presbyterian Church associate pastor Eric Corbin, who also serves as the church’s IT coordinator. “There were also lighting upgrades, and it was a full AVL implementation. A new mixer, wireless mikes, new LED lighting, projectors, and screens.”

Regarding the WorxAudio line array speakers, Corbin said, “They sound great, they are very helpful for our worship services, and they are very flexible for what we need to do.”

Even with all the different equipment that was installed by Fort Wayne-based Custom Sound Designs Group over those two weeks, Corbin said that the church didn’t contend with any delays or postponements for any of their services.

“No, we had a Sunday where the old system was out, and we had the new speakers in, to go with a borrowed mixer before the new one was in place,” said Corbin. “We worked out a solution so there was no shifting of services ...That Sunday, we worked with something borrowed, something new, and something blue, even though I don’t know what the blue thing was.”

In deciding on the appropriate speaker system, the challenge was, according to CSD Group President Doug Hood, the firm responsible for overseeing the project, finding speakers that would handle the church’s varied services.

“The church offers two styles of services: one that is traditional in nature with a choir plus organ or piano while the other is a blended/contemporary service that encompasses a praise band and worship team,” said Hood.

Having the new system, especially with the new mixer, has been beneficial when making changes after the 9 a.m. traditional service and before the 10:30 contemporary service, explained Corbin.

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