Florida Church Adds to Projection System, Optoma Again the Choice

After about a year running two Optoma projectors in their worship space, Connect Church added a W515 for center projection, along with a Da-Lite retractable screen.

Florida Church Adds to Projection System, Optoma Again the Choice
Musicians perform during an Easter service at Connect Church in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, with the recently installed Da-Lite center projection screen displaying the content from the church's recently purchased Optoma W515 FullHD projector.

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Florida Church Adds to Projection System, Optoma Again the Choice

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ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. – For Connect Church, having already had some experience with a pair of projectors in their worship space, this April it then sought to further add to their projection capabilities.

“It catches the eye, and you are now a part of what you are watching.”

Having installed a pair of Optoma X600 native XGA projectors last spring, the church deemed them a worthwhile investment. Therefore, when deciding on what manufacturer to select for a center screen projector, Optoma was again the choice.

And like the X600, the newest addition, an Optoma W515, offers 6,000 lumens of brightness. One significant aspect where the W515 is an upgrade over the previously installed Optoma projectors, though, is with maximum resolution. For the X600 offers 1600x1200 pixel resolution, while the W515 can run with a maximum resolution of FullHD, or 1920x1080. Along with the W515 projector, the recent install also featured an 18 feet by 10 feet projection screen, the Da-Lite Professional Tensioned Electrol.

As explained by Connect Church’s AV Tech Director, Joshua Dillard, the timing of the install was crucial. Completed three months ago, the install needed to be done prior to Easter in preparation for that time of year at the Baptist church.

To complete the install, the church received help “from a couple of contractors who attend the church,” explained Dillard. When installing the projector, Dillard assisted by running some CAT5 cables and mounting the bracket.

One of those contractors on the install of the projector and screen was Henri Dietlin, a member of the church. In addition, Dietlin is the owner of the general contracting firm, Wise Developments, based in West Palm Beach.

“There was nothing to the projector install, except for (mounting it to the) stand,” noted Dietlin. Much more challenging, though, was the install of the retractable projection screen, he explained.

“I didn’t have a concrete wall (to suspend the screen from). It was not a small job. We ended up having to rent two lifts to move the screen about 16 feet high,” he said. “I had to rebuild the ceiling to attach it to, attaching it to the frame of the building. I put in extra beams when I resuspended the ceiling, to make it really strong.” Dillard agreed, adding, the work involved “cutting the drywall, and reframing the studs to support it.”

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