For Churches, Which Video Elements Offer Impact?

Today's use of video offers an array of tools for houses of worship in seeking to best relay the message to their congregation.

For Churches, Which Video Elements Offer Impact?
Environmental projection is the use of projectors to change the look of a space to create a more engaging experience. This is a trend that is starting to gain traction as higher lumen projectors are starting to become less expensive, making the technology available to a greater number of churches. This example is during a Christmas program using environmental projection at First Baptist Church Jonesboro in Jonesboro, Ga., in December 2014.
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The use of video in churches has come a long way in a short amount of time. I can still remember when lyrics for worship were shown using transparencies with an overhead projector.

With what is available currently, today’s use of video in a house of worship can be a tremendous tool for telling a story or conveying a message. There are many different ways to use video in a church setting; there is the obvious which is image magnification, or IMAG. In addition, there are other great tools such as video web streaming, digital signage, environmental projection, and the list goes on and on.

Image magnification, web streaming, digital signage and environmental projection are just some of the tools available for churches.

Knowing when to use the different applications can be a help. I will talk about these four as they are the most common within houses of worship.

Image magnification can be accomplished a few different ways. It can simply be using a computer, a projector and screen or a large video monitor to project lyrics to a song or points of what a communicator is taking about. It can also be created with the use of cameras and a video switcher to follow the communicator, so that attendees in a large venue can easily see mannerisms or illustrations in a size that is large enough for all to see.

Video web streaming is using content created within a live venue and sending it out over the internet for people not inside the house of worship to view. This content can be real time live video or it can be prerecorded, edited and retransmitted. This format is ideal if you are looking to grow a church or ministry, as it allows guests to view what a service is like before attending one within the physical building.

Digital signage is the use of video elements to announce an event, or a product that one is looking to emphasize. This can be achieved by using a computer and presentation software and a monitor, or it can be displayed on a monitor that has built-in presentation hardware and software to run specific information at a specific time using a scheduler. Digital signage is beneficial, as we have learned that moving images and an array of color can aid in better results, either in increasing the attendance to an event or having more product being sold or distributed through advertisements displayed on the digital signage.

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