LED Walls: For Some Churches, Renting Makes Sense

When churches are looking for an LED wall solution that is planned for an infrequent event, or some convincing of the elders needs to happen first before a purchase, renting is a worthwhile option.

LED Walls: For Some Churches, Renting Makes Sense
With the help of a central LED wall, the congregation at Granger Community Church in Granger, Ind., can follow along during a service at church as the worship band performs.

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LED Walls: For Some Churches, Renting Makes Sense

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LED Walls: A Bold and Exciting World Full of Options
LED walls deliver a range of lively moving images and backgrounds to high resolution video that offers eye popping video imagery.

One of the latest trends in video displays is LED video walls.

In the last few years, the prices have come down dramatically, while the LED resolution has been steadily increasing, to where LED video screens are rapidly becoming an alternative to projection.

In my position as a volunteer technician at my church, and as a business owner who rents AV equipment, I’ve extensively used and rented the last several years LED screens. There are times when they are the perfect solution, and times when projection makes better sense.

Pixel pitch or resolution is also something that needs to be considered when deciding on the right LED wall solution.

LED walls are known for their brightness. They can really “shine” in high ambient light environments, not to mention direct sunlight. If your application is in an outdoor environment or indoors with a lot of ambient or stage lighting, a LED screen may be a good solution for you.

As with all things, there are pros and cons to renting or leasing a LED video solution. I personally feel that renting is a great way to try the new technology, to see if it’s a good fit for your application before making the final plunge into a purchase.

Let’s focus on the benefits of a rental for a moment.

There is a lot more versatility with LED screens, given their modular design. With this versatility comes substantially more configuration. It’s not a straightforward is connecting an HDMI cable to the screen and turning it on.

Your application may not call for a standard shaped screen, or you may be using it for a lighting effect. This is what makes them so versatile. Your rental company understands how this all works and can set it up, configure it and scale the video to make it look right for the way you need it to work.

There are a lot of things to consider when using LED video screens. They typically require more power than a standard projector. Oftentimes, a couple of wall outlets are not sufficient. If your event is outdoors, you may need a generator and power distribution boxes to supply the video screen with enough current. There’s also the weight to consider if you are planning on flying the panels. The panels are pretty light individually, but add up quickly. A lot of LED walls can also be configured for ground support, but often will need some type of extra vertical support.

Pixel pitch or resolution is also something that needs to be considered when deciding on the right LED wall solution. And this is usually determined by the distance that the audience will be from the screen itself.

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