Plotting the Course for Your New Creative Team

Resist the urge to look longingly at the cool, bigger church down the road, making design or creative decisions at your church, based on what they are cranking out.

Plotting the Course for Your New Creative Team
Get the team together for fun brainstorming sessions. Listen to their creative ideas. Write them down for later use. Validate the ideas they have been carrying around for a while (being careful not to make any promises.)

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Within today’s church culture, a new breed of creativity has taken over.

As creatives, we are full of the most amazing vision exploding with ideas and dazzling ingenuity.

That church culture has actually been in control for quite a while now, whether we know it or not.

As leaders tasked with guiding the creative processes, sometimes we are left scratching our heads, wondering if we even understand what this new breed even looks like.

The pressure to stay current with creative trends, is especially high in churches that wear those wonderful buzzwords, like “relevant” and “authentic,” as badges of honor.

You know what I mean.

As a result, you may find yourself sifting through a myriad of comments, suggestions and downright criticisms about what your church should be focusing on, in trying to remain on that path of staying current.

Some of those questions that could arise might include:

Are video announcements absolutely required?

Have you missed the boat on environmental projection?

Are traditional banners a thing of the past?

When should you push the button on that expensive video art display installation in the lobby? 

Rest assured, once you think you have a good beat on what’s hot and what’s not – things will change before you have a chance to get your next stage design budget proposal together!

Take heart my friend.

A quick note before you get the proverbial “7 most important things that make this article awesome” list … because you know it’s coming.

If you are the creative decision-maker for your church – listen up! Don’t make that mistake that we all have made, at one point or another. Resist the urge to look longingly at the cool, bigger church down the road, and work toward making design or creative decisions at your church, based on what they are cranking out – seemingly effortlessly – week after week.

By doing this, it usually will lead to some level of frustration.

I’m not saying that it isn’t good to research the tricks and trends of the trade. But it’s important to pray for timing.


Because you need to represent the heartbeat of your worship community with endeavors that speak to who you are and where you are going. Here are those helpful steps.

Now time for that aforementioned list …

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