Projection Utilizing TripleWide Media

Working to transform your worship space into a place where praise to the Creator can happen, triple wide media is an excellent tool.

Projection Utilizing TripleWide Media
One example of the content available through TripleWide Media was this Christmas program using environmental projection at First Baptist Church Jonesboro in Jonesboro, Ga. in December 2014.

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At our church, Highland Village Church in Bloomington, Ind., we have been running TripleWide Media projection for more than two years. With this projection content, we have found some great techniques and tips on using it properly.

1. Slower is better

With triple wide formatted content, you are going to be taking up a lot of wall space in the room. So with this, everything will be bigger, and seem faster. So particles moving will seem huge, and move at a faster pace than what you’re used to seeing. At Highland Village Church, we always use very slow moving backgrounds, so as to not distract the congregation.

2. Know your color

Different coloring schemes can create different emotions. So make sure whatever color your background is, is the right emotion you are trying to evoke from your audience. Check this link out to learn more info on this topic at Arttherapyblog.

3. Use more images

A lot of times at Highland Village Church, we just use stills for the whole service. This adds and draws people in to a particular moment during a service. So this could be part of a song, or part of the service. We use stills during hallowed moments, or often when someone is speaking.

Triple wide media content is a great way to transform your worship space into a place where praise to the Creator can happen. There are a ton of resources on this at

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Brent Mann has been producing videos for more than seven years. He is the Media Director for the Highland Village Church in Bloomington, Ind. He has been helping that church grow in the world of video and media. His love is to help small- to medium-sized churches succeed in the process of developing videos on the cheap end of things. He loves to help small churches build a team or process where they use video in their church.
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