Projectors: 5 Things You’re Not Thinking About

Like a car or a printer, you need to think about the cost over the life of a projector.

Projectors: 5 Things You’re Not Thinking About
At Asbury United Methodist Church, a test of environmental projection is recently worked on in the sanctuary prior to an Easter service.

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Projectors: 5 Things You’re Not Thinking About

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When it comes to projectors, there is no shortage of options or information. When first beginning to write this article, I did a quick search on a site for “projectors” and found 22 pages of results.

I am by no means an expert on projection, but I do work with 12 different projectors in my role as the lighting director at Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Okla., so my perspective comes from the day-to-day operation of a variety of projectors.

You should do some basic research on each of the four projector types, but your budget and your needs will quickly move you to the area of the market that is relevant to you.

The options

There are a huge variety of projectors available to you and the first thing you will encounter is the dreaded TLA – three letter acronyms. LCD and DLP own the big market share and approach the way they create the image slightly differently. LED has struggled to find the higher output to contend with the big boys and now LASER has emerged to threaten them all.

Obviously, LASER sounds the coolest and given people may confuse you for a Bond villain, it deserves serious consideration! You should do some basic research on each of these four projector types, but your budget and your needs will quickly move you to the area of the market that is relevant to you.

The basics

Any discussion of projectors will involve the following topics.

What will you use your projector to show: lyrics, graphics, video, IMAG (image magnification – live camera shots)? This will effect the size and resolution you will need for the image to be clear. The contrast ratio is a significant measure of the quality, but be aware these ratios are often arrived at in very different ways.

What size will your final image be? The placement of the projector, how close or far away from the projection surface it will be will decide the final image size. What kind of surface will you project on to?

How much ambient light (this is daylight and other lighting fixtures) is in the space you will use? This effects how powerful the projector must be to overcome this other light. Remember a projector is really a very clever light bulb! This light output is called lumens. Lumens will be a significant indicator of the output of the projector, but don’t get too caught up in getting the highest amount of lumens you can, aim to find the right projector for the space.

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Tim Ottley was born in Melbourne, Australia, and after growing up watching friends play rock music and share Jesus in the bars and clubs of Sydney, he moved to Nashville, Tenn., in 1995 to be a rock star. That dream did not come to fruition, but he then started working for record labels and local touring bands, beginning with P.O.D. in 1999 as their first touring manager. Tim would eventually find himself in Tulsa, Okla., and by 2010, he moved into a position at Asbury United Methodist Church, working with audio, video and lightning. Over the last two years, Asbury has made significant changes to services and sanctuary space, including the installation of the largest Environmental Projection system in a church in the United States.
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