Work to End Your Recurring Rehearsal Problems

Try to build in time for a full run-through after the band and production team have rehearsed each individual song. Transition rehearsals will help every person on your team with their cues, whether it’s unmuting mics or beings sure the stage is lit correctly.

Work to End Your Recurring Rehearsal Problems
Brentwood Baptist Church's worship band recently rehearses for the Tuesday young adult service at the church in Brentwood, Tennessee.
Credit: Billi Cate Greenwell

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Work to End Your Recurring Rehearsal Problems

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Work to End Your Recurring Rehearsal Problems
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A rehearsal is meant to prepare you for a service, and the preparation for that rehearsal needs to begin far before rehearsal time.

When rehearsal ends, do you feel calm and ready for the service, or are you in a frantic state of fixing, changing, running around, and praying that everything goes significantly better than you’re assuming it will?

Make a setup checklist, and include on it things as mundane as “confirm each musician has a music stand.”

While you’re never going to get everything right all of the time, running a smooth rehearsal isn’t as out of reach as it seems.

The single most important way to ensure a productive rehearsal is to prepare for it in advance.

While it is such a simple concept, it is one that gets lost on so many of us.

I’m not just talking about being sure the sound system and projectors are turned on, but instead preparing for the countless tiny things that slow down rehearsals or keep them from starting on time.

What are the little problems in your rehearsals that recur week after week that could have been fixed when you were setting up? For us it’s not having instrument cables ready to go with each direct input; it’s not having the worship leader’s mic loud enough in the choir monitors; it’s having a different lyrics roadmap in ProPresenter than the worship leader planned on singing.

If you’re the team that’s known for consistently not having prepared, then work hard to identify those trouble spots and write them down.

Really, put them on actual paper.

Make a setup checklist, and include on it things as mundane as “confirm each musician has a music stand.” This will help you prepare consistently and it will also be a guide for anyone filling in for you.

Depending on your church’s schedule, a great time to prepare for weekend services is Friday. Fridays are when we check most of the items off of our checklist: double-check lyrics and ID slides, replace lamps that are out, and do a final check of the stage and consoles to be sure everything is set up correctly. Our checklist is two pages long, and even though we have most of it memorized, we still print it out and check the items off every single week.

Next, be sure you know how to communicate with the band, and when the appropriate time is to do that.

Front of house audio engineers, I’m looking at you!

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Adam Dye is the Media Director at Brentwood Baptist Church, just south of Nashville, Tennessee, where he oversees production for the church’s six campuses. Originally working in the recording industry, he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest country, Christian, and rock artists in the country, but most loves working with the amazing volunteers who serve alongside him at the church. He spends time each summer with high school friends hiking the Appalachian trail, is his church staff’s resident Tour de France fan, and enjoys discovering bike trails and greenways around Nashville with his wife, Allison.
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