Soundcraft Ui24r Review: Ideal Choice for Musicians on the Move

The Ui software far surpassed my initial expectations. The way the user can page from managing preamps, to working the main mix, to adjusting an aux bus is easy and natural.

Soundcraft Ui24r Review: Ideal Choice for Musicians on the Move
The Soundcraft Ui24r mixer up close, with a drummer in the background.

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Soundcraft Ui24r Review: Ideal Choice for Musicians on the Move

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Soundcraft Ui24r Review: Ideal Choice for Musicians on the Move
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Portable Sound Systems: Flexibility, Options Key To Right Setup
If we choose our portable systems wisely, we can turn these quick setups, that can sometimes be distracting, into an atmosphere that will engage the audience.

Trying to quickly turn a virtual EQ knob on an iPad when there is not enough room in the software design can be a clumsy experience. The Soundcraft layout, though, of big, easy to use controls, actually sped up my workflow, compared to similar products.

Also, using browser-based software instead of a dedicated app was not a major obstacle. I could get my personal device on to the mixer quickly, without needing to visit an app store.

In the time I used it, I never found the browser interface to be any hindrance in terms of workflow, connectivity, or latency.

Soundcraft set out to make its own rack mixer, rather than a clone of similar products. The brand name partnerships with Studer, Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech are all great inclusions that can set this unit apart from others in its class. For example, guitarists that want a light load in and minimalist setup will enjoy the two channels of DigiTech amp modeling; They can plug in directly from the guitar and start playing quickly without a big setup required. The dbx feedback suppression on the aux busses, the dbx channel processing, and Lexicon effects reduce the need to look out of the box to other equipment.

In summary, the Soundcraft Ui24r is definitely worth consideration for those looking for a mixer that sounds great with minimal setup. Mobile churches especially should consider the Ui24r for its rich features, ease of use, and portability.

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