Spiritual Health: Challenges In Transitioning Between Churches, Roles

As you become more aware of the fact that transitions are happening around you, there are a few things that can help you manage and lead through these moments.

Spiritual Health: Challenges In Transitioning Between Churches, Roles
Freedom House Church Creative Director speaks to an audience recently during a conference as a keynote speaker.

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Spiritual Health: Challenges In Transitioning Between Churches, Roles
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Honor and respect what has been built and what has gone before us.

Life throws us curveballs.

Sometimes we see them coming, and other times we don’t! Either way, it never diminishes the reality that transitions will happen.

I have found that everyone is in one of three places: on the verge of a transition, in the middle of one, or coming out of a transitional period. It may be for you, for your team, or in your family, but we cannot avoid the fact that transitions are going to impact our lives.

Many times, transitions are not just locational or occupational. Transitions also carry emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds with them. Sometimes these seasons are linked to your decisions, but often they are not. That is the funny thing about this concept, it can impose itself on you, and you may not even see it coming.

Over the course of the past year, my family and I have lived in three different states, worked for three different organizations, having moved from Nashville to Florida to North Carolina.

Man, I think I just got tired writing that.

As one would expect, it has had a major impact on our family. Some days we feel like we are bouncing back, happy, and healthy and ready to take on the world! Other days, we feel like we would do anything possible to get back to that particular tribe, city, and job that gave us so much fulfillment.

As you become more aware of the fact that transitions are happening around you, there are a few things that can help you manage and lead through these moments. First, it is being willing to admit that transitions are not smooth. There are a lot of emotions that spill to the surface in the midst of transitions, and even good changes need to be processed. Gift yourself the grace of allowing yourself, or the volunteers or staff that is being transitioned, to process the full scope of the feelings, both good and bad.

Something for you to remember, or to encourage others who are undergoing such a transition, is that when we land at a new place, it is going to take time to find our next rhythm.

In my experience, it takes about nine to 12 months to learn the culture (vibe, language, values, unspoken rules, organizational quirks, etc.). It then takes an additional 9-12 months to regain your confidence.

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Stephen Brewster has more than 15 years in professional creative environments including music marketing and management, artist development, creative team leading and art directing. Currently on staff at Freedom House Church as the Creative Arts Pastor in Charlotte, N.C., Stephen previously led the creative team in dreaming, creating and executing experiences, communications, music and more for all areas of ministry at Life Church in Orlando, Florida and Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He loves to spend time with his wife, Jackie, and their four children. Check out his blog at stephenbrewster.me and follow him on Twitter at @b_rewster.
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