Strategies for Your Church’s Social Media Content

Each network has unique characteristics. One is post lifespans. The lifespan of a post, or how long it is visible to your followers, is somewhat dependent on the size of a person’s network.

Strategies for Your Church’s Social Media Content
Since social media is a form of publishing, all the rules about writing for mass consumption still apply. The first and most important of these is a good title/headline.
Strategies for Your Church’s Social Media Content
Since social media is a form of publishing, all the rules about writing for mass consumption still apply. The first and most important of these is a good title/headline.

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Growing social networks is about engaging people with good questions and ideas. It’s all about the content. Here’s how to get good content:

People are always trying to name the best time of day to publish a post. It varies, and opinions vary.

1) Create unique content.

Time to think like a newspaper chief. You need editorial - that’s content, people writing things and making photos and videos - and you need production - that’s the people and tools publishing the material. It may be the same person for you, but it’s different steps.

First, editorial. You need to know your own brand. Knowing your brand is an entirely different conversation.

For a quick brief, I’ll tell you my church’s brand distinctives: relationships and high-quality worship. Our overall church strategy, to expand on this, is Worship - Connect - Serve - Give. Our early social media messages once were all over the place. Now we’re tighter.

To help with your own work here, think of three or four primary keywords to describe your church’s distinctives. Church itself is a niche; what is you niche within the niche?

Don’t forget to ask your people about this. Remember, it’s social.

2) Draft up an editorial calendar.

Most online producers struggle with filling 52 weeks a year of content.  I recommend changing the focus to fewer themes, repeated, built around your values, say 8-10 max. This is why values are critical to marketing.

Content marketers talk about “cornerstone content.” What is your lowest hanging fruit? What do people ask you about and talk about?

Set your calendar, with themes by month, and then write to the themes.

3) Look for a consistent voice.

The more original and consistent your voice, the more people will engage with you. Be yourself - be online like you are in person.

I like ideas, and some of my best social interactions are sharing ideas with others. I take that on to my blog and feeds, such as People often say to me, “you always post such interesting stuff.” Good! That means my online voice and my real life voice match. That’s the goal.

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