The 4 Obsessions of a Purposeful Creative Pastor

Often creative-minded individuals don’t find revelation in powerful, polished and preachy-like messages. They find revelation in the context of the community around them asking deep questions in safe environments.

The 4 Obsessions of a Purposeful Creative Pastor
Being a creative pastor is a massive responsibility! Because creativity is a vehicle that the Holy Spirit is using in your community to heal wounds, flavor worship environments and preserve the Gospel message by telling a timeless story in a timely manner.

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The 4 Obsessions of a Purposeful Creative Pastor
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I just got off the road, traveling around the country with the SALT Tour with a few amazing teachers and leaders. One of those teachers was a good friend, Stephen Brewster. His title is the Executive Director of Creative at Freedom House in Charlotte, N.C. He’s always been a leader in the creative arts in the church, but this is the first time that his title represents his role on the executive leadership team.

You work in the church, and as more churches appoint a creative leader to the executive team, more creative leaders become elders in your community.

Stephen isn’t the only creative director on the leadership team of a church. Countless churches across the nation are asking creative-minded leaders to serve in the most senior levels of the organization.

As creative pastors take higher priority in the church, it’s important to recognize a few things that make a great creative pastor. Therefore, here are four obsessions for a purposeful creative pastor.

1. Ensure Vision is Received.

The first role of a creative pastor in the church is to cast creative vision. In doing so, you’ll help shape the look and feel of your environments, establish a brand and help others know the creative style of your church community. But casting great creative vision is only part of your responsibility. You must ensure that creative vision is received and applied, not just heard.

One of the things any creative pastor must be obsessed with, is that everyone knows the creative vision God has given you and your team by taking it one step further: doing something within that vision.

If your pastor shared a spiritual vision, but every other ministry lead chose to do something entirely different, you’d never get organizational synergy. The same is true with creativity. You can’t get creative synergy by merely sharing a vision, but ensuring that it’s received and applied throughout the organization. You may never feel completely accomplished in this area, which is why it needs to be your continual obsession as creative pastor. 

2. Empower Consistent Execution.

Once you begin to see that people are receiving this vision and it begins to direct the activity of creating, you move into your next obsession: empowering consistency. Your style and brand is a key component of your organizational DNA. Though your approach to ministry and theological beliefs ultimately shape who you are in the community you serve, the style (or look and feel of your environments) provide the distinguishable factor with regards to the theology you teach.

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Luke McElroy is the founder and visionary behind Orange Thread Media, the parent company to Orange Thread Live Events, TripleWide Media and SALT Conferences. Beyond his ability to cast vision for creativity in live events and worship environments, he’s passionate about mentoring, leadership and teamwork. Luke got his start in creative arts as a content producer creating animations for live events and worship services around the world. Some of the work he and his team created have been used by American Idol, Blake Shelton, Atlanta Falcons, and thousands of churches around the entire world.
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