Video Production: Six Tips To Creating High-Quality Mobile Videos

Your mobile-produced video may not have all the enhancements that you typically do in a video, but the content and overall quality of the images and videos in the clip should be high. This is a reflection of your church.

Video Production: Six Tips To Creating High-Quality Mobile Videos
Among the many options in working on a video clip with a mobile device is in using the iMovie app to create a video clip.

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Video Production: Six Tips To Creating High-Quality Mobile Videos

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Taking your show on the road.

In a world where so many events are streamed live on Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram or Snapchat, producing a video from your church event may end up seeming like a waste of time. Many people know what happened, why it happened and who was there.

Let the world know what the church is up to.

It may be time to re-examine your video production workflow for some of your events. Perhaps it’s time to look turning your phone or tablet into your production studio.

It is important when producing a mobile-edited clip, though, to keep some things in mind. First, you’re not going to have the full power of the tools that are in programs such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Final Cut Pro. Those programs were made for machines with more computing power than a mobile device. Second, your goal with mobile production is to produce a high-quality clip very quickly. The footage and images you’re using need to be of high quality, and you probably want your video complete within minutes of the end of your event, not hours or days.

One thing to keep in mind is that mobile video production probably isn’t the right tool to be used for things like video announcements, event promotions or sermon clips. The power is in the tools to do any one of those, but oftentimes you have a little more time to allow for some additional creativity and effects that aren’t there yet in the mobile tools.

Here are six tips to help maximize your time and help you create high-quality and high-impact videos.

1. Pick your tool(s).

It’s crucial that you have the right apps on your phone and are familiar with using them before you start your project. iMovie on Apple devices and PowerDirector on Android devices are good free choices for editing your videos or making a photo slideshow. Adobe Premiere Clip, Quik, Vizmato, Animato, and Magisto are all good options. I encourage you to get each of the free apps and try them out and see which one best fits your style. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may want multiple apps, depending on what type of project you’re going to be doing.

2. Pre-stage content.

Don’t waste content that you have already created. Have a great intro with your church’s logo? Export an HD .mp4 or .mov to your phone and stick it at the beginning of the video.

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