When Our Tech World Is Flipped Upside Down

I even thought ahead enough to double-check to make sure the sync track on the audio recording was sending signal up to the slide presentation controller...

When Our Tech World Is Flipped Upside Down
With so many things to account for when making a presentation, make sure that your projection display is correct, or it can be the longest 5 minutes and 37 seconds of your life, or longer.
When Our Tech World Is Flipped Upside Down
With so many things to account for when making a presentation, make sure that your projection display is correct, or it can be the longest 5 minutes and 37 seconds of your life, or longer.

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Most of us who have been involved in church production, have had at least one mistake or failure during a service (I have many), where you just want to disappear in the booth.

One of my most egregious mistakes took place a number of years ago. It was so significant, that I still wear the scars from it.

Back in “the day” — when video projection was almost nonexistent, because of the huge cost of projectors — I was serving on staff at a large church that used 35 millimeter slides for the visual presentation elements of the service. All of our worship songs, hymns and even the sermon notes were made into slides and projected on a large rear projection screen centered on the wall behind the worship platform (we didn’t dare call it a stage in those days).

Glowing with pride, just being affirmed for my work, I immediately put together a plan to show the slide presentation during the service.

On special occasions, a slide presentation would be put together to tell the story about and highlight a ministry opportunity or special church event. For the mission conference that year, I put together a four-projector slide presentation that highlighted the church’s involvement in bringing to a remote group of people who had never heard the gospel a special radio program in their native language.

On the first Sunday of the conference we showed the video, I mean slide presentation (the senior pastor always referred to slide presentations as videos). The mission’s pastor liked what I put together using charts and graphs to visually tell the story. He liked it so much, that he asked me to transfer it to VHS video tape so he could have it duplicated to give to other churches that he was planning on asking to partner on this project.

I was flattered and quickly set about transferring the slideshow to video. In “the day,” we were so high tech (not) that we transferred slides presentations to video via projecting the slides on the wall and recording them to video tape. No editing (we had no video editing equipment) or anything special, just tie the audio track into the camera’s audio input and let it rip. So I went and flipped all of the slides around in all four of the slide trays (to record to video we projected via front projection on a white wall as it provided better color saturation than our rear projection set up).

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