The Role of an Audio Director: Achieving Accurate Reproduction of Sound

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1) Attend a few band rehearsals each month. Try to duplicate the musicians’ comfort level when you’re mixing live.
2) Discuss each musician’s sound battles on stage - gain their confidence.
3) Attend church-sponsored sound webinars to keep current with industry trends.
4) Have a preproduction meeting with the crew, pastor, and worship leader. Be prepared.
5) Register all equipment for warranty and maintenance and update firmware periodically.
6) Clear wireless frequencies through the FCC. Confirm that clear channels are used.
7) Manage sound check procedures, including crew call and personnel.
8) When the sound team makes an error, be prepared to explain why. This will get the congregation to respect the sound team and force the end users to provide better production information.
9) Teach proper mic placement and technique with all pastors and speakers. This will improve intelligibility
10) If you also play an instrument, play in the band on occasion, as it will develop appreciation and trust between all involved.
11) Equip the mission teams with proper sound recording equipment. This ensures a premium experience for the congregation, and less head turns toward the sound engineer.
12) Remain calm - it’s difficult to herd cats.

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