7 Push Notifications That Will Increase Church Attendance
By Adam Weber · July 27, 2015 • Considering a whopping 91 percent of smartphone owners are rarely an arm’s length away from their phones, push messages have a unique ability to communicate with users without being gated by an inbox or screened by a phone number.

Editor’s Note: It’s All About Return on Investment
By TD Staff · May 1, 2015 • Most challenges faced by houses of worship are budget-related so to overcome it, you must think about if you can downsize your budget.

Win the Battle for Energy Efficiency at Your Church
By Joel Shore · April 13, 2015 • In this era of escalating energy costs, every penny conserved through the avoidance of needless spending or consumption grows increasingly valuable.

What’s at Stake for Tech Decision Makers?
By Tom LeBlanc · February 18, 2015 • In 2015 technology is the very core of any organization’s work. There are no employees more integral to any organization than the folks responsible for researching, strategizing and purchasing technology.

How Loud is Too Loud?
By Gary Zandstra · December 22, 2014 • Your congregation's perception of what is "too loud" during your services can be heavily influenced by quality of mix, sound system, acoustics and musical dynamics.

Encouragement for the Christmas Rush
By WTD Staff · December 17, 2014 • Greg Holder, Pastor of The Crossing in St. Louis, offers encouragement to tech teams during the business of the Christmas season.

Why Does My Video Look Terrible? Part II
By Jim Kumorek · December 11, 2014 • Mastering these foundational elements of video production will enable your church to reap the benefits of top quality video images.

3 Key Steps to Master the Sound Check
By Jim Kumorek · November 12, 2014 • Avoid chaos that can ensue from audio conflicts during your rehearsal. Here are three integral steps needed to successfully complete the sound check.

A Rookie’s Response to WFX
By TD Staff · October 7, 2014 • WFX offered education, perspective and fellowship for technical directors, facility managers, and pastors.

Beyond the Third Space: What the Digital Church Offers a Mobile Generation
By TD Staff · September 26, 2014 • In an increasingly mobile, digital world, how can the church keep up?

Lighting 101: Controllers
By TD Staff · September 24, 2014 • Our Lighting 101 series dives into controllers, explaining what they do and what you need to know to choose the console that fits your needs.

When Your Church’s Sound is Not Quite Right
By Dan Daley · December 23, 2013 • Church construction is never smooth. Changes happen throughout the process and in this case one change resulted in a less-than perfect audio solution. Fixes were tried over the years, but finally, after gathering feedback from staff and attendees alike, an integrator was able to help the church solve its sound problem.

A CTS’s Perspective: Battling Hurricane Sandy With and Without Technology
By Christopher Neto · January 11, 2013 • Learn how Christopher Neto, CTS, prepared for Hurricane Sandy and helped his clients recover from the disaster.

CES 2013: 8 Mobile Products that are Turning Heads
By TD Staff · January 8, 2013 • CES 2013 is the talk of the Internet. Check out products from Mozilla Firefox, The Eye Tribe, Sony, Tethercell, Plastic Logic, Intel, HAPIlabs, Parrot and Expect Labs, that will take the mobile device to a new level.

Wishes & Wants: A Holiday Tech List from an A/V Insider
By Christopher Neto, CTS · December 12, 2012 • Here are some tech things that you may need for the upcoming year. The must-have electronics and gadgets of the best brands you know, like Creston, AMX, Kindle Fire HD, Mac Book Pro, Christopher Neto, Samsung, Vaddio, Bluetooth, Heil Sounds, Arthur Holm, Microsoft, Sharp, Swarovski, Revolabs, SuitSuit Cases, Infocomm.

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