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Duke DeJong: How to Be a Great Tech Director for Easter!
By Duke DeJong · March 14, 2016 • Easter warrants the best effort our teams can give. It's a much bigger deal than celebrating Christmas.

For All Our Skills in Church Tech, Teaching Others Integral
By Justin Firesheets · March 2, 2016 • We are expected to take all of the knowledge we have and pour that into someone else.

Duke DeJong: No ‘I’ in Team!
By Duke DeJong · February 26, 2016 • If you're tired of fighting the good fight alone, can I challenge you to take a good look at how you serve and begin intentionally making room for other people in your world?

Worship Service Planning – Whose Side Are You On?
By Michael Scott · February 25, 2016 • The service planning process from conception to post-service evaluation presents many opportunities for technical staff to strongly support the desires and ideas of leadership.

Five Ways to Strengthen Your Media Ministry
By Daniel Beard · February 24, 2016 • God has blessed us with talented people who are not only skilled, but also have a servant’s heart.

Lee Varian: Technical Arts - An Act of Worship
By Lee Varian · February 22, 2016 • Just as a true worship leader must first be a worshiper, the first calling of a tech must also be as a worshiper.

Embrace Team Development, Empower Others to Eventually ‘Replace Yourself’
By Marcus Hammond · February 18, 2016 • The world of a TD can be an island of anxiety and frustration, but I also believe it can be incredibly rewarding.

Management Meets Ministry
By TD Staff · February 12, 2016 • Contrary to the secular world of business, excellent employee development in the church realm may result in employees leaving to go and develop others, otherwise known as discipleship.

David Bonilla: Investing Time in Relationships Key to Developing Your Team
By David Bonilla · February 10, 2016 • All this takes is an investment in people, but in the long run, it will be crucial to the future of your team’s development.

6 Essential Priorities to Empower Tech Leaders
By David Erlandon · February 2, 2016 • With so many production responsibilities, how can technology directors get it all done without working 60 hours or more each week?

Plan in Advance: How Churches Can Survive Without a Leader
By Charles F. Reid · December 11, 2015 • Just as each of us does estate planning for our individual lives, so too must a unique succession plan for our churches be devised.

How Do You Care for the Spiritual Health of a Tech Team?
By TD Staff · November 28, 2014 • Nathan Wells, Campus Tech Director, and Daniel Scotti, Production Tech Director at Saddleback Church share some of their insights with us.

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