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How To Build Out An Effective Volunteer Training Process
By Justin Firesheets · January 13, 2016 • Effectively training a volunteer team has nothing to do with particular gear, budget, or staff size. It all boils down to the process that’s in place.

3-Way Line Array Speaker Lineup for Your Church — New
By Andres Caamano · January 11, 2016 • After ending a three-year gap on line arrays by providing an update last week, we here at WTD are offering up another piece on line arrays — this time on three-way units. Models from DAS Audio, dB Technologies, Electro-Voice, Martin Audio, QSC, RCF, VUE Audiotechnik.

Can Your Audience Hear You?
By Maile Keone · January 8, 2016 • Being able to hear the things we love, like music and messages of inspiration, connects us to each other and helps to create more positive human experiences.

Grace Chapel in Georgia Makes Powerful Jump With FBT Line Arrays
By Andres Caamano · January 7, 2016 • From a basic setup using combo speakers, to line arrays, chapel at Toccoa Falls College completes significant upgrade.

2-Way Line Array Speaker Lineup for Your Church — Update
By Andres Caamano · January 6, 2016 • It's been three years, so we here at Worship Tech Director figured it was time to offer our readers an update on two-way line array speaker systems, with models from Adamson, Alcons Audio, db audio, Electro-Voice, EM Acoustics, Grund Audio, JBL, and Renkus Heinz part of this feature.

Keys to Building Community!
By Duke DeJong · January 5, 2016 • I want to be a valued member of a team. I want to be equipped and empowered to do something that matters with people who matter.

How to Configure the IP Settings of Your Tech Gear
By Jeff Hartman · December 30, 2015 • While configuring network settings can seem tricky, it’s really a piece of cake.

The Biggest Worship Tech Stories of 2015
By Andres Caamano · December 28, 2015 • Beyond all the new technology that was on hand at shows like NAB or at WFX in Nashville, there were plenty of other worship tech items to pay attention to through all of 2015.

Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Prophetic Technician’?
By Gregory Kayne · December 23, 2015 • Learning to anticipate service changes in lighting and sound requires a familiarity with your worship leader and tech team — it also requires an openness to God’s call to action.

This Christmas - It Matters!
By Duke DeJong · December 21, 2015 • I want to take a moment to remind you in advance that what you do matters. Whether you lead a song, put the lyrics on the screen or even clean up the auditorium, you are helping to serve the people of your community and it makes a difference.

Don’t Let the Sound System Upstage Your Services
By Steven Durr · December 18, 2015 • The wealth of features in digital technology available to the sound person is breeding a poverty of skills and, in turn, negatively affecting the emotional aspect of the services.

A Matter Of Delay: Getting To The Essence Of Effects In Your Church System
By Curt Taipale · December 17, 2015 • Understanding the principles at work with altering sound via the touch of a button in today's digital age.

Plan in Advance: How Churches Can Survive Without a Leader
By Charles F. Reid · December 11, 2015 • Just as each of us does estate planning for our individual lives, so too must a unique succession plan for our churches be devised.

AV Techs Are Worship Leaders Too
By Duke DeJong · December 7, 2015 • One discussion with a few leaders really struck me, and it started with a simple question, 'How do we get the men in black to realize they are not just behind the scenes, but are as much a worship leader as those of us on stage?'

7 Tips To Effectively Use Social Media In Your Worship Space
By Lauren Campbell · September 9, 2015 • Aside from Twitter and Facebook, there is a whole world of social media that your worship space should partake in. From blogs to Instagram, your opportunities are endless in reaching not only your worship community, but beyond.

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