AMX Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers Now Shipping
By Chrissy Winske · August 6, 2012 • The Enova DVX T models are made for AV over IT networks and offer integrators a flexible solution for use with meeting spaces of any size.

Epson Debuts New Ultra-Portable Wireless Projectors
By TD Staff · June 18, 2012 • The new PowerLite 1700 Series promises bright images in a slim form factor, starting at $649.

Planar WeatherBright Display Designed for Outdoor Extremes
By TD Staff · March 8, 2012 • Planar Systems unveiled its WeatherBright Series. The new displays are designed to meet the special demands of outdoor use, offering direct-sunlight readability. The static message boards are ideal for quick-service restaurants and outdoor wayfinding.

What Happens When the Panel in the Middle of Your Video Wall Breaks?
By TD Staff · March 8, 2012 • What happens if the panel in the middle goes on the blink? The DS-VW765 Full Service Video Mount allows you to service any panel including the middle panel without needing to disassemble the wall because the mount pulls out from the wall and pivots up, allowing easy access to the back.

Mitsubishi WD385U-EST Interactive Projector
By TechDecisions · February 2, 2012 • Mitsubishi's WD385U-EST projector offers dual pen support so presenters and participants can write on any solid surface.

Critical Church Video Production Upgrade to Serve 20,000 Members
By Llanor Alleyne · January 25, 2012 • Rock Church’s video director shares how the church recently upgraded to an integrated video production system while taking into consideration converting some equipment from analog to digital.

Spotting the More Common Issues You Will Face During Your A/V Project
By Lisa Nadile · January 16, 2012 • Leading A/V experts have run into a host of difficulties in their experience on the job. Some where a consultant can help, others where they wouldn’t. Here, they discuss some of the most important pain points they’ve run into that you should avoid.

ROI on Control and Automation for House of Worship Facilities
By TD Staff · December 14, 2011 • Did you know that by implementing a control and automation system in your house of worship facility you could save upwards of 50 percent off your energy bill? This white paper download will help you get started calculating the return on investment.

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