An Easter Short Film
By Brent Mann · April 6, 2018 • One of two short films created for Highland Village Church in Bloomington, Indiana for this Easter season.

As an Audio Tech, Aim to Craft a Sound To Engage a Congregation
By Grant Norsworthy · October 4, 2016 • Grant Norsworthy speaks with sound engineer David Lim about communication between musicians and the sound technician.

4 Things to Remember When Filming A Testimony Video
By Eric Bramlett · September 30, 2016 • From writing out their testimony to planning to have the interview process last for 45 minutes for a four-minute video, these are a few tips to keep in mind.

WFX15: Maintaining the Life of Your Building, Equipment
By TD Staff · June 23, 2016 • Session speaker Clerke of the Works Timothy O'Malleydiscusses how to assemble a 20-year maintenance and capital budget/plan.

WFX15: Figuring Out Your Brand and Communicating It
By TD Staff · June 16, 2016 • Session speaker Marketing Director Kathryn Binkley for St. Peter's Church and World Outreach Center discusses how to make your church's brand more "contagious."

WFX15: Strategies for Effective Church Communication
By TD Staff · June 2, 2016 • Session speaker Director of Communications Jennifer Johnson for Sewickley Presbyterian Church discusses how a church's message is dispensed to the people.

WFX15: Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Retention
By TD Staff · May 26, 2016 • Session speaker North Coast Church Communications & Production Pastor Dennis Choy discusses how to build a healthy volunteer team.

WFX15: Staff Development
By TD Staff · May 9, 2016 • Session speaker Christian Life Center Executive Pastor Benjamin Stewart discusses how in seeking to improve your staff, there must be a culture of growth.

WFX15: Using Video To Communicate Your Message
By TD Staff · April 22, 2016 • A review of how storytelling can be used when crafting video when working on narrative pieces to testimonies.

WFX15 Audio Session-Building a Communications Team for Smaller Churches
By TD Staff · April 13, 2016 • The goal of this workshop explored techniques and strategies for producing video content and creating graphics.

WFX15 PowerPoint-Audio Session, Recording Live Video For Everyone
By TD Staff · April 1, 2016 • The goal of this workshop was to provide a working knowledge of camera and crew and to explore the various shots necessary to capture a live event for audio, video, and lights.

Tech Leader Spotlight: Greg Baker of Saddleback Church
By TD Staff · December 22, 2014 • Greg Baker serves as Global Tech Director at Saddleback Church in California. We caught up with him at WFX to learn more about what he does.

Encouragement for the Christmas Rush
By WTD Staff · December 17, 2014 • Greg Holder, Pastor of The Crossing in St. Louis, offers encouragement to tech teams during the business of the Christmas season.

How Do You Care for the Spiritual Health of a Tech Team?
By TD Staff · November 28, 2014 • Nathan Wells, Campus Tech Director, and Daniel Scotti, Production Tech Director at Saddleback Church share some of their insights with us.

Featured Product: Mega-Lite EvriColor
By TD Staff · October 13, 2014 • Winner, Best Overall Lighting Product: The Mega-Lite EvriColor is a fully customizable, color-changing LED fixture that tailors to the needs of houses of worship.

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