TechDecisions Guide to 6 Game Changing, Affordable Multi-format Video Switchers
By Frederick J. Ampel · January 15, 2014 • This guide shows a selection of affordable multi-format video switchers with universal input capability and flexibility needed to handle just about every conceivable format, and also produce outputs to meet almost any display or projection device’s requirements, has become available for well under $10,000. In fact Roland's V40HD lists for $4,495. Each will help you make showing any presentation format possible and at a very low cost compared to even last year.

Audio Spectrum Analysis Apps to Help in Setting Up Your Christmas Service Productions
By Curtis Emery · December 1, 2013 • 13 apps specifically designed to convert real-time-audio content into spectrogram graphs for Android and Apple devices.

Take Charge of Latency in Your Audio
By John Mayberry · September 20, 2013 • Audio engineers are often bedeviled by latency in the recording and reproduction chains. The latency demon pops up in live sound reinforcement when you’re trying to support a dispersed audience, discombobulates us in the broadcast world when lip movements don’t align and confuses us when we try to make a decent mobile phone call.

Most Impressive A/V Photos of Summer
By Jessica Camerato · September 18, 2013 • Summer is easing into autumn and with that journey we take a look at the hottest A/V projects we saw. Blue Man Group, GE's massive video wall and the latest from the innovative Leon speakers are just some of the best efforts we saw.

ZIGEN Announces New ZIG-CX-100 HDMI Over Coax Extender Kit with 3D Pass-Through
By TD Staff · August 22, 2013 • Zigen Corp announced its new ZIG-CX-100 HDMI over Coax Extender ideal for retrofits and upgrades a well as installs that require multiple displays to show the same HDMI content.

What Your Church Needs to Know to Create the Best A/V RFP - Learn What Makes a Good Request for Prop
By Joy Zaccaria · July 8, 2013 • Expert tips on how to create the Best A/V RFP. A good Request for Proposal needs to have a clearly-defined scope. Understanding new technologies, the attention to detail that accounts for every circumstance needs to be tempered with the clarity that prevents it from becoming an overwhelming document.

DPI Showcases a 3D-Capable Projector That Supports HDBaseT
By TechDecisions · June 11, 2013 • New projector offers the latest technologies with 7,500 lumens of brightness output.

Optoma Debuts Two Portable 3D Projectors
By TD Staff · May 28, 2013 • Optoma introduced two 3D portable projectors weighing just 3 lbs. Both models, the W304M and the X304M use a Texas Instrument DLP chip, have multiple options for connectivity and include wireless capability. The W304M has 3,100 lumens and the X304M has 3,000 lumens.

Best Audio Spectrum Analysis Apps for iOS and Android
By Curtis Emery · May 15, 2013 • 13 apps specifically designed to convert real-time-audio content into spectrogram graphs for Android and Apple devices.

The Science (and a little Art) of Loudspeaker Placement
By Frederick J. Ampel · May 10, 2013 • Frederick J. Ampel discusses what's out there for loudspeaker systems and how best to place them for your application. He breaks down what distributed and directional systems are and helps you pick the right one.

Power Over HDBaseT: What Is It, Why Use It?
By Daniel P. Dern · May 1, 2013 • Simplify A/V installations with Power Over HDBaseT. Two obvious benefits of providing power via network cabling are convenience and cost. Like PoE, POH means that the location doesn't need to have a power outlet nearby, or go to the cost and effort of bringing in a union electrician in order to do AC wiring. It's also much easier to centrally control devices and you can remotely power down devices to save energy or to blank the display during system maintenance. Learn more about this standard.

Panasonic PT-DZ13K Projector Series Delivers 12,000 Lumens
By TD Staff · April 25, 2013 • Three of the four new 3-chip DLP projectors also include active 3D technology.

JVC Debuts Indoor and Outdoor PTZ Dome Cameras
By TD Staff · April 16, 2013 • The new VN-H657WPU and VN-H657U are both shipping now.

NAB Attracts Record Attendance as Vendors Showcase the Latest in Broadcasting Technology
By Dan Daley · April 16, 2013 • The show covered everything from the latest in audio to video streaming.

DSE 2013 - Cindy Davis’ Take on Day One of the Digital Signage Expo
By TD Staff · February 28, 2013 • Digital Signage Expo or DSE 2013 as it is known kicked off with a great start. Here are editor-in-chief, Cindy Davis' first take on day one. Multi-touch, 4K digital signage displays, content management systems, outdoor digital signage for menus and wayfinding, transparent displays, and much more from companies such as Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Planar, SunBrite, Planar and Crimson AV.

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