Great Fixtures To Make Your Lighting More Dynamic
By Duke DeJong · August 15, 2016 • When used well, color in lighting is an extremely effective way to convey mood and emotion.

Download: Digital Strategy and the Church: What’s Your Next Step?
By TD Staff · May 1, 2016 • Some see digital technology entering the sphere of church as an attempt to be relevant or “cool” in order to reach younger generations. But, when you consider scripture and the biblical call to discipleship, churches going digital is about much more than relevance — it’s obedience to a biblical command.

Grace Community Church Upgrades Worship Experience With Hitachi Projector
By Lauren Campbell · July 21, 2015 • Grace Community Church needed an upgrade to their projector system. The standard 2,500 lumen they had been using was starting to lose its life, making images dull and hard to see for the congregants in attendance.

Sound Tech Finds Universal Design Solution With FBT MUSE
By TD Staff · May 26, 2015 • When you’re a busy sound engineer who specializes in everything from weddings and concerts to nightclubs, versatility needs to be part of your repertoire. But since every event will have its own unique requirements, and every venue its own set of challenges, it might seem that a seasoned professional would need to buy a lot of equipment to be ready for every possible scenario. Not according to Nick Conti. The sound engineer and owner of Tonetronix in Hubbard, OH says he’s found a way to be ready for just about any sound challenge with one strategic piece of equipment – the FBT MUSE 210LA line array. Conti says he’s streamlined his equipment, and is now planning on using the array as his ‘go to’ solution for all of his upcoming projects because of its proven versatility, clarity and power.

Behind the Pulpit: Solving Church Acoustics Challenges
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Many churches face acoustical challenges in both their worship spaces and office environments. Learn about what you should consider when audio and voice projection mingle with privacy and productive communication in your house of worship.

Fulcrum Acoustic Offers TQ Support for Ashly Products
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the integration of support for the company's Temporal Equalization with select Ashly DSP-based products.

Radial Announces the Trim-Two
By TD Staff · March 16, 2015 • With the use of laptops as sound sources, the Trim-Two is a helpful tool that makes adjusting the volume a simple task.

Renewed Vision ProVideoPlayer 2 Delivers High-Impact Multiscreen Presentations for Watermark Church
By TD Staff · September 10, 2014 • Dallas-based worship organization Watermark Community Church enhances services, reduces costs with Renewed Vision software.

Flexibility is Key for a Successful AVL Install
By TD Staff · August 13, 2014 • Tim Messina of Events United production service shares about adapting to challenges and setbacks in the AVL installation at Cape Cod Church.

Texas Church Weighs Technology Needs Over Wants
By Dan Daley · June 4, 2014 • Harvest Bible Church reflects on the benefits of a simple AV design and purchasing only what you need.

“How-To” Videos Get the Job Done
By Dan Daley · June 2, 2014 • See how one technical director took advantage of online video tutorials to select the right equipment for his church.

One Church Creates a “Portable” House of Worship to Continue Services During Renovations
By Dan Daley · June 2, 2014 • See how Calvary Church minimized disruptions to church services during an AV renovation by repurposing older equipment.

A Temporary Church Builds Towards A Permanent Future
By Dan Daley · May 19, 2014 • See the AV technology that has turned Falls Church into a "portable" house of worship as it searches for a more permanent home.

Digital Signage and Mobile Wayfinding — 4 Solutions for House of Worship
By Curtis Emery · March 20, 2014 • Digital signage is always evolving and so is wayfinding technology. One of these developments is mobile wayfinding — where mobile integration lets visitors take digital signage with them. Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or Andriod these platforms take digital signage to the next level of communication. We profile four companies that offer mobile wayfinding for digital signage: Four Winds Interactive, 22MILES, Jibestream Interactive Media, and Here2There Software. Check out the videos of how these work.

TechDecisions Guide to 6 Game Changing, Affordable Multi-format Video Switchers
By Frederick J. Ampel · January 15, 2014 • This guide shows a selection of affordable multi-format video switchers with universal input capability and flexibility needed to handle just about every conceivable format, and also produce outputs to meet almost any display or projection device’s requirements, has become available for well under $10,000. In fact Roland's V40HD lists for $4,495. Each will help you make showing any presentation format possible and at a very low cost compared to even last year.

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