The Role of an Audio Director: Achieving Accurate Reproduction of Sound
By Gabriel Antonini · April 4, 2018 • Unfortunately, many churches don’t place appropriate emphasis on the Spoken word mic. In a perfect world, all of our microphones will be of a premium quality. But if you must choose, put the highest quality mic on the pastor.

Ashly Amps Offer Complete System Refresh At CrossRoad Baptist
By TD Staff · December 8, 2017 • The church's new Dante-connected digital system relies on a bank of high-value, high-reliability Ashly Audio nX-Series multi-channel amplifiers with optional Dante I/O.

When Things Go Wrong: Correcting For Flaws in Your PA
By Adrian Gates · November 30, 2017 • How do you respond, though, when the trusted advice of an expert causes more trouble than it solves? Or when some small changes have unexpected consequences?

What To Account For When Building A Church’s Sound System From The Ground Up
By Ralph Hicks · November 16, 2017 • When purchasing equipment, look toward the future, and always build a system that you could grow into, and look to have it last for up to a 10-year lifespan.

Master Planning an AVL Build or Upgrade At Your Church
By Van Metschke · October 5, 2017 • Many churches wait too long or don’t put much importance to the audio, video and lighting portion of a project, until it is too late.

The Basics Behind Sound System Engineering
By Jeff Snyder · April 13, 2017 • There is a lot of science behind acoustics and many different ways to analyze and treat a room to decrease decay and increase the intelligibility of your audio signals.

Going the Distance For Your Mix
By Duke DeJong · August 31, 2016 • If the mix is only good at FOH, who are you really serving? Aim to have your mix engage more people in worship.

Don’t Let the Sound System Upstage Your Services
By Steven Durr · December 18, 2015 • The wealth of features in digital technology available to the sound person is breeding a poverty of skills and, in turn, negatively affecting the emotional aspect of the services.

A Matter Of Delay: Getting To The Essence Of Effects In Your Church System
By Curt Taipale · December 17, 2015 • Understanding the principles at work with altering sound via the touch of a button in today's digital age.

Behind the Pulpit: Solving Church Acoustics Challenges
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Many churches face acoustical challenges in both their worship spaces and office environments. Learn about what you should consider when audio and voice projection mingle with privacy and productive communication in your house of worship.

Fulcrum Acoustic Offers TQ Support for Ashly Products
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the integration of support for the company's Temporal Equalization with select Ashly DSP-based products.

6 Churches that Overcame Audio Obstacles
By TD Staff · December 18, 2014 • Many churches face difficulties in creating environments that appropriately distribute sound to all parts of the room. Check out how six churches dealt with the particular problems their sanctuaries presented.

4 Acoustic Myths Debunked
By Jeremy Mika · November 25, 2014 • Building acoustics can pose all kinds of challenges, especially inside a church, and misinformation about acoustic problems and remedies abounds. This article presents and refutes four common misconceptions about acoustics in church environments, and offers practical solutions to problems you may be facing.

Best of 2013: 4 Creative Worship TechDecisions A/V/L Solutions
By TD Staff · December 11, 2013 • 4 houses of worship were chosen for our Best of 2013 because of creative and unique solutions to some major audio, video and lighting problems and some tips on how to plan an audio shoot out to help you make your speaker decision making process more scientific and a commitment to A/V staff.

Award Winning Religious Architecture Presented an Acoustical Nightmare
By Dan Daley · November 8, 2013 • How could one of the most beautiful pieces of religious architecture in the world also be an acoustical nightmare? The Thorncrown Church, in Eureka Springs, AR has 6,000 square feet of glass and combined with the chapel’s flagstone floor created what one of the A/V systems designers who have faced it calls “an acoustical nightmare,” with massive amounts of reflected sound making intelligibility all but impossible. But there was a solution that came in the form of a Bose Panaray MA12EX sound system powered by a Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifier.

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