4 Pro Audio Apps for Pin Point EQ Control for iOS
By TD Staff · December 5, 2013 • EQ control apps let you manage bands of equalization subtly without adding distortion. Like a physical graphic equalizer, these apps allow you to pin-point the exact bands you want to edit, giving you the tools you need to get your audio content to sound the way you want. Great EQ control apps work side by side with your audio player of choice, making sure that you do not need to re-upload or transfer your data to another player. Other than DRM protected content or Internet radio, these apps can handle most file formats like FLAC, which offer inherently great audio quality.

Audio Spectrum Analysis Apps to Help in Setting Up Your Christmas Service Productions
By Curtis Emery · December 1, 2013 • 13 apps specifically designed to convert real-time-audio content into spectrogram graphs for Android and Apple devices.

Discover 5 Enterprise-Wide Social Networking Apps Perfect for K-12 Administrators
By TD Staff · November 7, 2013 • Enterprise-grade social networking apps offer the convenience and real-time efficiency of public social networking sites with a focus on productivity. When integrated into your current corporate workflow, these line-of-business application platforms keep you connected and on top of tasks. From office-wide updates to professional referrals for large projects, enterprise social networking apps give you and your peers the tools to stay connected. As with sites like Facebook and Linked In, these apps function as communities. You can add co-workers, follow members of your team and offer real-time feedback like likes and comments. Unlike public social networking platforms, these enterprise solutions only include members from your company. This specificity offers a more productive environment for an office oriented community. Check out apps like tibbr, yammer, IBM Connections, Socialcast and Jive Mobile for Android and iOS.

Going Mobile: What You Need to Know Before Developing Your Church’s App
By Dan Daley · November 5, 2013 • Salvation? We have an app for that. Well, in a less snarky manner of speaking, the app has become the latest element of connected media to infiltrate worship technology culture. Churches are developing and using apps (shorthand for applications, software developed for highly specific purposes and generally for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets) for a variety of uses, from the distribution of sermons and other educational content to keeping groups within the church connected. However, like many technology propositions that have made their way into houses of worship, mobile apps can be complex. App software is very much centered on the user experience (UX) as well as the quality of its content. These, according to Chris Sharpe, director of marketing and business development at Subsplash, the Seattle company that markets The Church App, are two keys to creating successful apps.

Church App Advice from The Church App Guy: Part One
By TD Staff · November 1, 2013 • Cindy Davis of TechDecisions interviews Chris Sharpe of The Church App - Part One. With 1.08 billion smartphone users in the world, creating a church app for your house of worship just might make a lot of sense. Thousands of ministries have already. As part of the Worship TechDecisions ongoing series on church apps, I am talking with Chris Sharpe, Marketing Lead at The Church App.

Church App Advice from The Church App Guy: Part Two
By TD Staff · November 1, 2013 • In part two of a conversation with Cindy Davis of TechDecisions, Chris Sharpe, Marketing Lead at The Church App talks about Return on Investment when it comes to church apps and offers advice on content strategy and for church app implementers.

6 Churches Use Mobile Apps to Stream Services and Extend Their Message
By TD Staff · November 1, 2013 • As part of the Worship TechDecisions ongoing series on iOS and Android church apps to help extend your message and reach a broader church congregation, we will be featuring a number of church apps from different churches to give you an idea of what others are doing.

10 Churches Using Mobile Apps to Expand their Congregation
By Amber Parcher · November 1, 2013 • Churches and houses of worship of all sizes – from a few hundred congregants to many thousands are using mobile app technology with iPhone apps, iPad apps, iTouch apps and Android apps. AV technology goes mobile with apps.

Grow Your Church Congregation by Hundreds of Thousands with Mobile Apps
By Amber Parcher · November 1, 2013 • The good word is not exempt from the global trend of instantaneous, mobile information. Mobile apps provide a new way to extend the reach for churches.

Lutron Releases New Fabric Collection App
By TD Staff · October 25, 2013 • Lutron’s new app allows users to explore fabric options for motorized shading solutions, order samples, access sales tools and more.

4 Pro Remote Control Apps for Managing Video and Still Image Cameras
By TD Staff · October 23, 2013 • Ideal for managing a multiple camera set-up, camera control apps let you capture essential content without being tied down behind your camera. Advantageous applications include covering press conferences, special productions and weekly services at houses of worship to name a few. Especially in consistent environments like houses of worship, where cameras can remain stationary from week to week, using remote camera control apps gives you the ability to maintain camera consistency while retaining functionality.

7 Robust Videoconferencing Apps for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · October 11, 2013 • Mobile videoconferencing apps do more than just connect people face to face. File sharing, real-time annotation and remote desktop connectivity mark these mobile apps as capable and robust utilities that are becoming a necessity for tech-savvy professionals with busy schedules. Check out apps from developers like Microsoft Corporation, Radvision, Adobe Systems, Polycom Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc. and FuzeBox for Android and iOS devices.

Adding Twitter to Your House of Worship Emergency Notification Plan
By Daniel P. Dern · September 30, 2013 • Twitter is a flexible micro-blogging site that provide the platform for quick communication. Tweets can be sent as SMS texts to a phone, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet. Many organizations use more than one Twitter feed to ensure that readers find the information they needs. For example, one Twitter feed can be for emergency communication, while another feed can be for those looking for answers to questions or for non-emergency announcements.

5 Pro Apps for Facility Control and Automation
By TD Staff · September 26, 2013 • Integrating control and automation systems in your facility gives you complete control of your mission critical components like HVAC, A/V/L systems and other essential systems like shading. Mobile control and automation apps give you control over the systems that you depend on in you facility, no matter where you are. Great control apps communicate with all features offered by your control system. With complete control over your system, you can ensure that changes and commands can be executed for all of your critical operations.

iOS Only: Pro Sound Meter and Spectrum Analysis Apps
By TD Staff · September 13, 2013 • There are a lot of different A/V toolkit applications developed for the iOS market that address just about every A/V need. From lighting to audio, and everything in between, you can guess they have an app for that. However, there are also a lot of apps that are fine-tuned for a specific purpose. Whether you are measuring a throw distance for a specific brand of projectors or trying to measure the decibel output of a newly staged speaker system, purpose-specific apps are out there and most of them are very accurate. The following slideshow contains pro iOS audio apps for SPL reference and audio spectrum analysis.

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