Android Only: Pro Sound Meter and Spectrum Analysis Apps
By TD Staff · September 13, 2013 • There are a lot of different A/V toolkit applications developed for the Android market that address just about every A/V need. From lighting to audio, and everything in between, you can guess they have an app for that. However, there are also a lot of apps that are fine-tuned for a specific purpose. Whether you are measuring a throw distance for a specific brand of projectors or trying to measure the decibel output of a newly staged speaker system, purpose-specific apps are out there and most of them are very accurate. The following slideshow contains pro Android audio apps for SPL reference and audio spectrum analysis.

4 Pro Mic Apps for Live Voice Amplification
By TD Staff · September 5, 2013 • App developers have found a way around not having a microphone on hand with mobile utilities specifically designed to turn your smart device into a functional microphone. Mic to speaker routing apps offer you the ability to control your device's built-in mic as a impromptu microphone--giving you the option to create line-level signals with a device that is not necessarily created for that purpose. Great microphone apps offer full control over the sample rate, the EQ levels and other mission critical settings already found in the make up of conventional microphones.

Christie Virtual Remote App for Andriod Controls M Series and J Series Projectors
By TD Staff · September 4, 2013 • Christie Virtual Remote app for Andriod app provides a Wi-Fi projector control alternative, while maintaining all the capabilities of the standard IR remote.

Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell Releases New App for its Mass Notification System
By TD Staff · August 6, 2013 • Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell announced a new iPad app that works with the company’s Emergency Command Center (ECC) mass notification system. The App is free and is available at the Apple iTunes Store. A video can also be found on YouTube. The ECC mass notification system can be integrated with any existing fire alarm system.

4 Apps for Streaming Your Live Video Content
By TD Staff · August 5, 2013 • Recording a live event is a great way to make sure your audience can stay up to date with your content even if they couldn't make the presentation. Unfortunately, actually viewing an event after it has happened can sometimes be easier said than done, especially for viewers with busy schedules, and watching a pre-recorded event does not carry the same immediacy as if it was seen live. However, app developers have come up with convenient alternatives for save-for-later content with live streaming applications for Android and iOS devices.

Channel Vision 1.3 Megapixel Mini IP Dome Camera Controlled by App
By Robert Archer · July 31, 2013 • The 6532 1.3 Megapixel Mini IP Dome Camera can be used and controlled via a Web browser or through the use of the Channel Vision's smart device app.

7 Pro Audio Apps for Creating Backtracks and Soundscapes
By TD Staff · July 16, 2013 • Generative audio is marked by the revisitation of a tone, or series of tones, to create a constant strain of sound. This stream of sound is usually characterized by reverb or heightened feedback control, which adds ambient sound and tone refraction into the mix. By itself, generative audio is typically termed as drone--a title that comments on the droning sound, which describes the looping effect as it builds under the pressure of ambient sounds and feedback.

27 Music Creation Apps for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 28, 2013 • While nothing will actually compare to playing physical instruments or gear, there are some great alternatives developed specifically for on-the-go musicians who need to demo a riff, master some tracks or just have fun with some very high-quality digital synths. If we are talking prices, the best audio apps will run you around fifty dollars (or more), but you can expect professional titles to follow such steep price points. I am talking about Cubasis, Cubase's mobile counterpart, and different Korg analog and digital synth apps that are designed to emulate their predecessors with precision.

7 Must Have Office Apps for Android and iOS Pros
By TD Staff · June 19, 2013 • The value of professional office apps are in their ability to easily gather and store information, ensuring that your most needed hard copy files are readily on hand and safe on your mobile device. Check out apps from developers like Mobile Systems, MeLLmo Inc., STOIK Soft, IntSig Information Co.,Ltd, Tempo AI and Google Inc. for Android and iOS.

9 Pro Acoustical Calculators and Reference Tools for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 19, 2013 • Acoustical calculators and reference apps allow your mobile device to become a convenient utility for calculating the physics of your space's acoustics. Check out apps from developers like Sebastian Rivas, Sparkle Solutions, Al Ayyoub, V PUGAZHENTHI, Gabriel Moreno Ibarra and acoustassist Ltd. for Android and iOS devices.

6 Pro Calculators for Wiring and Electrical Readings for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 6, 2013 • Electrical calculation apps are essential for an electrical engineer on the go. From voltage drop references to aluminum to copper conversion calculations (and many more), these apps are a convenient, efficient utility and must have addition for your mobile device. Check out apps from developers like Navaile, Cyberprodigy LLC, Comoving Magnets and Southwire Company for Android and iOS.

Corporate and Hospitality Facilities Can Learn Lessons from This Worship A/V Upgrade
By Dan Daley · June 6, 2013 • The American Bible Society recently opened its Atrium. This comfortable space has ample seating and free Wi-Fi. Right at street level the Atrium looks like an inviting hotel lobby. It is adept at conveying an organizations message — something corporate organizations and houses of Worship appreciate.

5 Fully Functional Mobile Projector Remotes for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 5, 2013 • These remote apps are multi-functional applications that do more than just change the slides and brighten the display. From lens focusing to content management, many mobile projector remotes have evolved from convenient utilities to essential work tools in projector-ready spaces. Check out mobile projector controllers from developers like Barco, IIX Inc., Seiko Epson Corporation, NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.,

The Best Music Apps for Audiophiles: The Best iPhone, iPad and Android Apps
By TD Staff · June 1, 2013 • More recommended! Audiophiles are never satisfied with good enough sound quality for their music. And I agree. This collection of highly rated apps is being continually updated as audiophiles send in their favorites. Get the best sound from your Apple iOS or Andriod smartphone or tablet mobile device. For example, most people in the A/V industry and audiophiles know McIntosh Labs for outstanding products. They have also developed an app to give you control of your mobile music. Check out the others as well.

L-Acoustics Presents 5XT and SB15m for Pro Audio Applications
By TD Staff · May 28, 2013 • At InfoComm 2013, L-Acoustics is showcasing two new systems: the 5XT ultra-compact coaxial enclosure and SB15m compact subwoofer, both of which are now already starting to ship.

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