Win the Battle for Energy Efficiency at Your Church
By Joel Shore · April 13, 2015 • In this era of escalating energy costs, every penny conserved through the avoidance of needless spending or consumption grows increasingly valuable.

Connectors — Overlooked Essentials for Building the Audiovisual System
By Ken Erdmann · January 10, 2014 • Connectors are critical pieces of any audiovisual system. Knowing the different pieces is important to your construction plan.

House of Worship Facility Automation 101 -  Learn How to Save Thousands to Millions of Dollars Every
By Joel Shore · October 30, 2013 • Building owners are saving thousands to millions of dollars every year by deploying building automation. Automation systems control a group of interlinked networks and devices, each of which monitors, manages, and controls one aspect of a facility’s core operations, services, and utilities. The facility could be corporate offices, K-12, college or university campuses, health care, hotels, retail spaces, commercial, industrial, institutional, scientific, or increasingly, residential. The range of systems is vast, spanning electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, security, safety, telecommunications and transportation (elevators and escalators).

Lutron Recipient of Fox Hound Award from BACnet International
By TD Staff · October 15, 2013 • BACnet is a communications protocol that allows communication of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control, as well as fire detection systems and their associated equipment. According to BACnet International officials, the Fox Hound Award goes to a company that quickly and stealthily came up from behind in BACnet International. In the last two years, Lutron joined BACnet International as a silver member, and participated in both PlugFest events and on BACnet International’s Education Committee. Lutron recently achieved the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) Listing for its Quantum total light management system processor, thus firmly establishing the company as an early adopter and pioneer in virtual BACnet networks.

Smarter Technology Creates Smarter Workspaces
By Steve Castle · October 10, 2013 • A combination of daylighting and control and automation technologies will change the way we work. Today there are steps you can take to create a smarter and better workplace. Designing buildings with a great deal of window and open indoor space will help employees reach their goals and save you money.

When to Take the Automation Step
By Joel Shore · June 27, 2013 • Both building owners and tenants lack the incentive to automate their building because they lack the understanding of who directly benefits from the addition. Learn when to consider adding control and automation technology to your building.

InfoComm Roundup — Five Audio Product Trends To Watch
By Dan Daley · June 19, 2013 • Dan Daley takes us through the aisles of InfoComm and identifies the latest audio trends. These trends include touch screens, portable sound, wireless and more. Products that caught his eye includes those made by Alto Professional, Avid, DiGiCo, K-array, Martin Audio, Peavey, Presonus and Sennheiser.

AMX Pushes Forward with 14 New Product Announcements
By TechDecisions · June 18, 2013 • AMX showcased both the present and the future this InfoComm with announcements about products newly available June 2013 and a glimpse into the future with a look at what’s waiting backstage for 2014.

AMX Updates Modero Touchpanel, Debuts New Conference Room Automation, Takes RMS to the Cloud
By TechDecisions · June 14, 2013 • AMX showcased both the present and the future this InfoComm with announcements about products newly available June 2013 and a glimpse into the future with a look at what’s waiting backstage for 2014.

7 Great Digital Audio Workstation Apps You Need for Your Mobile Device
By TD Staff · May 22, 2013 • The thoroughness of desktop DAW's meets the convenience of mobile compatibility. Check out mobile digital workstations like Cubasis, TouchDAW, NanoStudio, FL Studio Mobile HD, Auria, Audio Evolution Mobile and V-Control Pro.

Crestron Debuts TST-600 Touch screen
By TD Staff · May 13, 2013 • The new wireless touchpanel is shipping now.

The AV and IT Conversion Conversation
By George Tucker, CTS · May 13, 2013 • AV on the IT network is commonplace in facilities. In some colleges and universities this conversion is old hat, in other organizations the departments are still in a turf battle over an inevitable union.

Tech Trends: Lighting Design and Integration for Your House of Worship
By Joy Zaccaria · May 1, 2013 • Trends in lighting design and integration include the use of a lighting designer in videoconferencing and other work environments and using controlling lighting wirelessly.

SouthCrest Church Uses A/V to Manage Rapid Growth
By Dan Daley · April 3, 2013 • SouthCrest Church has grown from 14 people in 2000 to over 2,000 in 2013. The church needed it’s A/V/L to grow with it. After careful consultation with their integrator and architect, SouthCrest has gone digital as much as possible and turn to LED lighting to save money in the long run.

A/V Management Software Looking More and More Like the IT Help Desk
By Sharon Fisher · March 18, 2013 • Complete with the ability to submit help desk tickets, AMX’s Resource Management Suite and Crestron’s RoomView are bringing IT help desk functionality to A/V staff. While they can’t be combined with IT help desk’s yet, these products are making managing equipment easier. Their predictive ability when it comes to replacing accessories are proving invaluable.

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