Multiple Install Phases Add Up to Notable AVL Upgrades at Texas Church
By Andres Caamano · June 30, 2017 • Over the span of three months, Texas church has featured install improvements including L-Acoustics line arrays, Barco projectors, and an LED wall.

InfoComm 2017 Offers Plenty Of Choices, Especially Projectors
By Andres Caamano · June 19, 2017 • If you are in the market for a 4K projector, or one offering WUXGA resolution, a laser or lamp-based model, InfoComm offered a wide array of options to suit the needs in your worship space.

Projector Guide: Bringing Glory with Imagery
By TD Staff · March 7, 2017 • With so many types of projectors to choose from on the market, review this PDF about what LCD, DLP and laser options offer to suit the needs of your church.

Affordable Portable Video: Within Reach
By TD Staff · September 29, 2016 • Even with 4k and 8k now on the market, HD-SDI (720p or 1080p) is the most cost effective option for an affordable portable video system.

Projectors: 5 Things You’re Not Thinking About
By TD Staff · May 23, 2016 • After figuring that a projector is best for your worship space, these 11 projectors, from Barco, BenQ, Canon, Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, InFocus, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic and Sony offer exemplary WUXGA (1,920x1,200 native) resolution.

When Seeking Clarity, These 10 LED Wall Models Stand Tall
By Andres Caamano · May 19, 2016 • With pixel pitch specifications ranging from 3.47 mm to 6.67 mm, each LED flat panel model offers optimal viewing for church installations.

Top 7 Products To Consider For Your Church
By Andres Caamano · May 10, 2016 • For those churches thinking of adding or upgrading, these Allen & Heath, Renkus-Heinz, Powersoft, Electro-Voice, Barco, PixelFLEX and Roland products stand out.

11 Tips To Buying A Projector for Your Church
By Andres Caamano · March 17, 2016 • A key to deciding on what will work best for you is to have a basic grasp of what the system’s capabilities are and to plan beyond your immediate needs.

Featured Product: Barco PHWU-81B Projector
By TD Staff · January 12, 2015 • Showcase rich, vibrant imagery, and bring the sanctuary to life with the brightest, single-chip DLP projector on the market.

Worship Facilities Technology Awards: Video
By TD Staff · September 25, 2014 • Entrants in the video category of the Worship Facilities New Product Technology Awards, the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market.

Renewed Vision ProVideoPlayer 2 Delivers High-Impact Multiscreen Presentations for Watermark Church
By TD Staff · September 10, 2014 • Dallas-based worship organization Watermark Community Church enhances services, reduces costs with Renewed Vision software.

What’s New for Worship in 2014?
By TD Staff · August 18, 2014 • If you're not singing out of hymnals, you're reading lyrics off a screen. There are all sorts of tech products to make your worship projection run right--here are the best of this year's new products.

Barco to Unveil New Projector Ranges During 10 Days of Corporate AV
By TD Staff · September 19, 2013 • Barco presents "10 Days of Corporate AV," a platform from which the company will introduce their new visualization portfolio for corporate A/V. Over the next 10 days (starting today and ending Sept. 27), Barco will continue to spotlight the new players in the projection line.

Guide - How to Create Warping Effects with Projectors
By TD Staff · September 10, 2013 • Download this free Guide - How to Create Warping Effects with Projectors. Many projectors are now equipped with built-in software and digital signal processing that can create very complex warp and other image processing effects.

How to Use Edge-blending with Multiple Projectors
By TD Staff · September 3, 2013 • Download this free Guide - How to Use Edge-blending with Multiple Projectors. Using the latest technologies, creating large projected images on massive screens is now easy with edge blending technologies. Edge blending allows adjacent projected images to be seamlessly overlapped in order to create larger images with a higher number of pixels than would be possible with a single projector. This guide provides what you need to know.

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