Stage/Sanctuary Lighting: How Best to Serve Your Ministry’s Needs
By Josh Holowicki · February 21, 2018 • Lighting is one of the most powerful tools available to tell a story, and it gives us the ability to focus the attention of the audience in a very specific way.

Looking to Upgrade Your Cameras from an iPhone to Stream?
By Stefan Svard · February 8, 2018 • A lower resolution three-chip camera can actually render more accurate images to that of a higher resolution single-chip camera when you compare on a pixel-by-pixel resolution.

Facebook Live: Are You Ready for This?
By Tim Dougherty · December 14, 2017 • Without question, Facebook has become the dominant, most recognized livestreaming portal on the internet, with nearly 80 percent of all broadcasters already using the platform.

How Your Church Can Avoid Everyday Live Stream Issues
By Keri Rafter · July 19, 2017 • Don’t sweat over potential mistakes, for example, like accidentally leaving live mics on, pre- or post-service, as this only increases authenticity.

Multisite Planning: Learn From Others; Don’t Copy
By Josh Holowicki · June 15, 2017 • Make sure that one has the exact or very similar technology at any campus site that reflects the technology of the main or 'broadcast' campus.

ATEM Television Studio HD by Blackmagic Design Released
By TD Staff · February 6, 2017 • New production switcher features eight inputs, multi view, aux, and program outputs, analog audio inputs, built in talkback, and two flash-based media players.

360/VR Streaming: The Virtual Worship Experience
By Tim Dougherty · October 10, 2016 • As streaming continues to develop, the need for a deeper, more interactive experience must be part of the discussion.

Open Your Eyes To These 8 Multi-Format Video Switchers
By Andres Caamano · July 25, 2016 • With switchers from Datavideo, Vaddio, NewTek, Roland, Livestream, Panasonic, FOR-A and Ross Video, each offers a rich feature set that could suit the needs for your church.

Broadcast Audio for Webcasting While Also Mixing FOH
By Debbie Keough · July 15, 2016 • A closer look at how to create a mix using matrixes and also how to fashion a mix through aux sends.

Mixing For Streaming: Finding The Right Levels For Music, Speech
By Brad Duryea · June 22, 2016 • One of the bigger challenges is finding the right mix in the venue live, but then a much different one for streaming.

What is the Role of A Video Director in A Worship Setting?
By Kirk Denson · May 11, 2016 • Directing a crew to project an image with deference to both the congregation and also remote, broadcast locations is key to the position.

Dual-Screen Satellite Transmission Enhances Services at Lives Changed by Christ Church
By TD Staff · November 17, 2014 • Most satellite delivery solutions offer a single-screen transmission for multi-site churches; when LCBC needed dual-screen transmission, Ka You Communications was up to the task.

Trinity Fellowship Chooses Mediaproxy LogServer for Quality of Experience Monitoring System
By TD Staff · November 4, 2014 • Trinity Fellowship Church recently implemented a Quality of Experience monitoring system for it's multiple locations, allowing church staff to monitor and evaluate services to improve the ministry.

SAGU Amps Digital Media Arts Studio with New Production System
By Jessica Kennedy · August 27, 2014 • Southwestern Assembly of God University (SAGU) installed a 48-Fader Yamaha NUAGE Advanced Production DAW System to upgrade the university’s Digital Media Arts’ students’ recording/editing/mixing capabilities.

17-Year-Old Programmer Lighting Way for Churches, Concerts, Sinbad
By D. Craig MacCormack · April 1, 2014 • Meet the 17-year-old behind some of these amazing lighting spectacles. Take a look at his work in houses of worship and on the concert stage.

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