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Our Savior Lutheran
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • When arson turned their environmental projection upgrade into a full sanctuary remodel with all new audio, video, and lighting systems, Our Savior Lutheran turned to CCI Solutions to help them through 6 months of being a portable church as well as upgrading their damaged sanctuary.

St. John’s Lutheran Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Traditional in doctrine but creative in their methods, when St John's Lutheran Church set out to renovate and expand their Sanctuary, they turned to CCI Solutions to help marry choir and organ friendly acoustics with clarity of speech, and deliver a visually dynamic worship space.

Northview Church Westfield Campus
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • With a goal to reach more than 20,000 people, Northview Church partnered with CCI Solutions to build their latest campus to reach Westfield, IN. Embracing audio, video, and lighting technology to reach people is key to Northview's strategy, and the systems CCI Solutions delivered didn't disappoint.

Church Achieves ‘Beauty for Ashes’ With Transformative AVL Install
By Andres Caamano · August 15, 2017 • Six-month project at Washington church comprised of Hitachi projectors, Chroma-Q houselights, CHAUVET Professional production lighting, L-Acoustics speakers, and a High End Systems HedgeHog 4 lighting console.

Mackie mixer a solid addition to CenterPoint Church
By Andres Caamano · June 24, 2016 • DL32R latest piece of Mackie gear for church, with digital mixer offering benefits of a small footprint, numerous features and great sound quality.

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