Service Planning: Jesus Was Born to Die! April Fool!
By Michael Edgar Myers · February 23, 2018 • Author’s Confession: This is a dangerous article. A weird, out-of-the-box piece that might have you ask, "What’s he on?"

The Facebook Apocalypse: Step Back from the Ledge
By Adrian Gates · January 16, 2018 • How I learned to stop worrying about the latest algorithm change by Facebook, and come to love the Newsfeed.

Team Development: The Afterburner – Mission Accomplished
By Stefan Svard · December 19, 2017 • If the clear understanding is that operating in afterburner mode all the time will burn up all the fuel – it is not an efficient way to do things. It is there for when you really need that quick boost to escape harm, with the expectation that one eventually return to normal operating mode.

Sound Check and Rehearsals: How to Prepare Best For Worship Services
By Kirk Denson · September 1, 2017 • The best approach to begin the sound check is to have the band play through an entire song, with all musicians playing at "performance levels."

Video Production: Creating Videos Beyond the Holiday Season
By Jennifer Johnson · July 19, 2017 • When it comes to producing videos, there is a place for both kinds of quality and various skill levels, regardless of the time it takes to produce a video.

Planning Ahead for the Chaos of the Next Big Service
By Duke DeJong · April 11, 2016 • Think about how you can prepare for the year's bigger services well in advance to make your life a little less frantic as the big days approach.

Celebrating the Story of Christmas with Horses, Riders and Chauvet LEDs
By Alison Istnick and Andres Caamano · January 1, 2016 • A farm in Orange, Massachusetts, named Crimson Acres, has been providing people a way to connect with message of the season at their annual Christmas Pageant.

This Christmas - It Matters!
By Duke DeJong · December 21, 2015 • I want to take a moment to remind you in advance that what you do matters. Whether you lead a song, put the lyrics on the screen or even clean up the auditorium, you are helping to serve the people of your community and it makes a difference.

Encouragement for the Christmas Rush
By WTD Staff · December 17, 2014 • Greg Holder, Pastor of The Crossing in St. Louis, offers encouragement to tech teams during the business of the Christmas season.

Small Church, Big Holiday Show
By Dan Daley · December 18, 2013 • Starting small when building a control system for A/V/L for a holiday pageant is the way to go, says A/V specialists for GraceWay Bible Church. Add to the show by adding support technology over time and you will see your pageant prosper and dazzle.

Top Audio, Video and Lighting Tips to Enhance Christmas Productions
By Dan Daley · December 16, 2013 • Bridgeway Community Church and Central Wesleyan Church each use A/V to ring in the holiday season with style.

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