Five Methods for Making Better Team Decisions
By Len Wilson · November 22, 2017 • In a healthy collaborative environment, the role of individual team members becomes more about leading the discussion around a particular aspect of worship, such as music, rather than dictating what idea will become the final decision for worship.

Video Production: Encourage Communication As a Team
By Jim Sippel · July 24, 2017 • It’s good for a team to know what their roles are on the project, and what the specific expectations are within each role, especially when your crew is small.

Filmmaking for Churches: How to Best Incorporate Video
By Taylor Shanton · January 5, 2017 • Working on filmmaking for churches is important, because it connects the story that we have as followers of Christ with the emotion that drives people to action.

Saying Goodbye to Your Baby
By Eric Bramlett · March 8, 2016 • Good editing means not only taking away things that you don’t like. It also means taking away things that you do like.

NEC Announces New Touch-Integrated V Series Display
By TD Staff · December 16, 2013 • The new display is a commercial-grade panel that allows for extended use for learning, digital signage and way-finding applications in education and corporate environments.

Discover 5 Enterprise-Wide Social Networking Apps Perfect for K-12 Administrators
By TD Staff · November 7, 2013 • Enterprise-grade social networking apps offer the convenience and real-time efficiency of public social networking sites with a focus on productivity. When integrated into your current corporate workflow, these line-of-business application platforms keep you connected and on top of tasks. From office-wide updates to professional referrals for large projects, enterprise social networking apps give you and your peers the tools to stay connected. As with sites like Facebook and Linked In, these apps function as communities. You can add co-workers, follow members of your team and offer real-time feedback like likes and comments. Unlike public social networking platforms, these enterprise solutions only include members from your company. This specificity offers a more productive environment for an office oriented community. Check out apps like tibbr, yammer, IBM Connections, Socialcast and Jive Mobile for Android and iOS.

7 Robust Videoconferencing Apps for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · October 11, 2013 • Mobile videoconferencing apps do more than just connect people face to face. File sharing, real-time annotation and remote desktop connectivity mark these mobile apps as capable and robust utilities that are becoming a necessity for tech-savvy professionals with busy schedules. Check out apps from developers like Microsoft Corporation, Radvision, Adobe Systems, Polycom Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc. and FuzeBox for Android and iOS devices.

Smarter Technology Creates Smarter Workspaces
By Steve Castle · October 10, 2013 • A combination of daylighting and control and automation technologies will change the way we work. Today there are steps you can take to create a smarter and better workplace. Designing buildings with a great deal of window and open indoor space will help employees reach their goals and save you money.

Special Report - The AV & IT Convergence
By TD Staff · October 2, 2013 • Download this special report on "The AV/IT Convergence" and hear from CIOs, CTOs, A/V Directors, IT Directors, Facility Managers, Consultants, Specifiers, District Administrators, Pastors and anyone needing to make the important A/V, IT, energy and security integration decisions for their facilities who have shared their thoughts. While from varied backgrounds and facility types, the technologies they integrate, the pain points, trials, tribulations and successes have a common thread. Plus: A/V Over IP, AVB and 4K.

Adding Twitter to Your House of Worship Emergency Notification Plan
By Daniel P. Dern · September 30, 2013 • Twitter is a flexible micro-blogging site that provide the platform for quick communication. Tweets can be sent as SMS texts to a phone, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet. Many organizations use more than one Twitter feed to ensure that readers find the information they needs. For example, one Twitter feed can be for emergency communication, while another feed can be for those looking for answers to questions or for non-emergency announcements.

The Age of Unified Communications Arrives
By Alison Diana · September 30, 2013 • Mobile workers, remote offices, lower prices, competitive world encourage sales of UC solutions.

5 Game-changing Trends in Unified Communications
By Dan Newman · September 19, 2013 • Unified Communications is trickling down from the enterprise and becoming a robust solution for smaller organizations. Its higher-end abilities are luring users away from the sometimes unreliable Skype and Google Hangouts. UC’s growing popularity means new capabilities are quickly being added.

All About Managed Services
By Joy Zaccaria · September 9, 2013 • AVI-SPL has two managing services products, Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) and the Symphony Management Platform, which is designed to work with clients and make sure their needs are met quickly or prevent problems that could appear.

Kick Start: Easy Energy and Money Saving Ideas You Can Use Now in Your House of Worship
By TD Staff · September 3, 2013 • How to save money right now in your facility. Energy saving ideas with a really high return on investment (ROI), really easy to deploy and inexpensive to purchase. You should be acting on these now. Lutron and other lighting and energy device manufacturers have products on the market now to help with your energy saving plan.

USAV Members Look At Future Trends
By D. Craig MacCormack · July 26, 2013 • Leaders in the A/V industry met recently to discuss what is hot, what issues they are facing and how best solve their customer's worries.

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