Role of An Audio Director: Team Building
By David Bonilla · March 13, 2018 • The aspect of training is a vital part to the role of an audio director, in their never-ending effort toward building a team, where you take the time to invest in each of your team members.

Role Of The Lighting Director: Don’t Be Fearful of New Ideas
By Greg Saffles · June 30, 2017 • No matter the medium, the lighting director exists to come alongside others to create an environment that is conducive to a worship gathering.

In-Ear Monitors, Systems: Key To Isolating From Outside Noise
By Sebashtian Warrick · April 21, 2017 • No matter what system you select, the ear buds you pair with that system can be just as, if not more, important than the entire system itself.

Using Personal Mixers: The Basics
By Van Metschke and Mike Sessler · November 16, 2016 • The user base for personal mixers have grown as the number of manufacturers have increased dramatically in recent years.

Going the Distance For Your Mix
By Duke DeJong · August 31, 2016 • If the mix is only good at FOH, who are you really serving? Aim to have your mix engage more people in worship.

Mixing For Streaming: Finding The Right Levels For Music, Speech
By Brad Duryea · June 22, 2016 • One of the bigger challenges is finding the right mix in the venue live, but then a much different one for streaming.

SSL L300 Console Raises the Bar at Northside Christian Church
By Andres Caamano · March 7, 2016 • 'When we heard the sound quality (of the L300 console), we could tell that was the direction we wanted to go.'

Choosing the Right Audio Console
By Tony Staires · January 28, 2016 • Granger Community Church's production audio coordinator discusses how an audio console plays a major role in what you do on the weekends, so making a change shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Best of 2014 on Worship TechDecisions
By TD Staff · December 30, 2014 • It's been a great year here at Worship TechDecisions! Here are some of our best & most popular articles from 2014.

Yamaha Introduces New Flagship Live Sound Console
By TD Staff · November 20, 2014 • The RIVAGE PM10 inherits the “DNA” that has made PM series consoles favorites with discerning engineers worldwide, while offering evolved features and performance that define yet another peak for Yamaha live sound consoles.

Edmonton Church Upgrades West Campus Sound System
By TD Staff · November 7, 2014 • Edmonton Church upgrades sound system with Yamaha and NEXO

The Power of Digital Effects
By Curt Taipale · October 29, 2014 • Tastefully applied, digital effects can bring new depth and dimension to the sound of your music. Here's a look at various effects, and some ideas of how they can be used.

Church On The Rock Upgrades to HARMAN’s Soundcraft Vi3000
By TD Staff · October 24, 2014 • Church on the Rock upgraded to a new HARMAN console to provide better in-house and broadcast services to their congregation.

Featured Product: Yamaha QL Digital Audio Console Series
By TD Staff · September 2, 2014 • The Yamaha QL Series inherits CL features such as all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small to medium scale live tour sound, house of worship installations, corporate A/V, and speech applications. As with the CL Series, the Yamaha QL Series includes circuitry and components that have been designed and selected with the utmost care, achieving outstanding audio purity from input to output.

In The Pulpit, Behind Bars, It All Has to Sound Good
By Dan Daley · February 20, 2014 • Lots of itinerant preachers and start-up churches face the same issues that Conviction for Christ Ministry founder Eddie Baird does every week: Put together a traveling audio rig that will allow them to hold church services in a variety of locations and be dependable and predictable, as well as roadworthy and a lightweight as possible.

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