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Danley Nanos: A Cost-Effective Solution for South Carolina Church
By TD Staff · May 7, 2018 • System installed includes five zones each covered by a Danley Nanos speaker, along with a pair covering the balcony, and another two Nanos covering the choir, as well as one Danley Nano Sub near the front of the room.

WTD Guide to Column Speakers: Update
By TD Staff · March 9, 2016 • For some worship spaces, there may be a need for new speakers, but line arrays are deemed too obtrusive. Column speakers might be the right alternative.

Growing American Reformed Church Enjoys Sound Choice with Danley Speaker System
By Andres Caamano · December 4, 2015 • With opening of church in Luverne, Minn., sound system using SH-60 and SH-95 speakers a 'step up' without overstepping the bounds of the budget.

Danley Sound Labs Moves First Baptist Church Claremore
By TD Staff · August 24, 2015 • The system Barton designed uses four Danley SH-60 full-range boxes in a tight-pack cluster above the front of the stage with a Danley TH-412 subwoofer behind it. The room is a broad fan shape, and the SH-60 cluster provides that broad coverage. Like a single pebble dropped in still water, it does so without introducing interference.

Danley Plug-and-Play Speaker and Sub Easily Converts Standard Gyms Into Contemporary Worship Spaces
By TD Staff · August 17, 2015 • As excitement and attendance grew, First United called on veteran praise band guitarist and sound system design guru Scott Oliver, owner of Centerline Audio Visual, to replace the temporary sound reinforcement system it had been using with a permanent system.

New Beginnings DFW Church Converts A Cineplex Into A Powerful Sounding Contemporary Worship Center
By TD Staff · July 7, 2015 • In response to tremendous growth, New Beginnings DFW Church in Bedford, TX purchased a former 10-screen Cineplex and converted it to a stunning sanctuary for contemporary worship.

Powersoft Audio Plays Key Role in AV Integration at Hope Lutheran Church
By TD Staff · July 6, 2015 • Hope Lutheran Church began its ministry on the north side of Fargo, North Dakota's largest city, back in 1958. Since then, the church has succeeded in carrying its message to a diverse set of people from all walks of life, and now hosts approximately 2,600 congregants per week.

Northern Colorado Cowboy Church Revives Sound System With Help From Danley Sound Labs
By Lauren Campbell · May 14, 2015 • A former restaurant in Lucerne, CO was converted into a 500-plus seat worship space. The sound system was not built to handle the music and spoken word that came with each service, so Northern Colorado Cowboy Church looked to Danley Sound Labs for help.

Danley Assists in Converting Old Gym into Stunning Sanctuary
By TD Staff · April 9, 2015 • An old gym was converted into a worship space in Minnesota using Danley loudspeakers. Journey North was able to provide exceptional sound to their attendees in the new building even though they were on a tight budget.

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