Design And Installation Of AVL System – Major Technology Upgrade - Existing Building

Lakeside Christian Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Lakeside Christian Church is planting vibrant satellite congregations to reach the Kentucky area just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Renovation of a satellite campus (a 2016 Solomon Award Project) raised the need to update the main campus, and for that they again called on Custom Sound Designs.

Life Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • An innovative acoustic design of the new sanctuary delivers an amazing worship experience. A stellar design coupled with great installation of audio, video, and lighting systems means this church has it all.

Redemption Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Redemption Church and AE Global Media have been AVL partners for several phases over the last seventeen plus years and have created a worship technology platform delivering digital outreach all while maintaining a close-knit feel within the 4,500 seat sanctuary.

John Wesley United Methodist Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Built in the 1960’s, John Wesley United Methodist Church is a well-established community church located outside of the Houston area. Serving more than 3,100 members, it was looking to incorporate the latest visual solution in the church’s sanctuary to better display scripture lessons, song lyrics and other information during services.

Southside Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Southside Church had dreamed of becoming the first North Point Ministries partner church to receive live message transmission of Andy Stanley. Through a highly collaborative process, Mankin deployed a high level video system supported by all of the core Guardian by Mankin services to make their dream a reality.

Mountain Christian Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Mountain Christian Church’s oldest campus was a portable setup in an old high school auditorium with aging systems, and the weekend experience was not living up to that of the other campuses. This field house collaboration was a transformation like we’d never seen before - and the client loves it!

First Corinthian Baptist Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • All Pro partnered with FCBC to develop an integrated system that would satisfy their desire for creativity, while also maintaining a strict budget. The final product is user-friendly enough to be operated by volunteers, but is powerful enough to facilitate Broadway quality concerts and plays during the week.

St. John’s Lutheran Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Traditional in doctrine but creative in their methods, when St John's Lutheran Church set out to renovate and expand their Sanctuary, they turned to CCI Solutions to help marry choir and organ friendly acoustics with clarity of speech, and deliver a visually dynamic worship space.

Crossgates Baptist Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • In 2015, Crossgates Baptist Church in Brandon, Mississippi, contracted Springfield, Missouri-based Paragon 360, a turn-key design firm specializing in church renovations and new construction, to lead the design process for a complete Sanctuary Renovation Project. After extensive design work and installation, the project was completed in January of 2017.

Cornerstone Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Arizona, installed VITEC's House of Worship Multi-Site Streaming Solution. Featuring VITEC's MGW Ace appliances, the solution enables Cornerstone to stream two synchronized, low-latency, and broadcast-quality camera feeds to its satellite campuses. Cornerstone volunteers can operate the system with ease, eliminating technical roadblocks and delays

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