Design And Installation Of AVL System – New Building Sanctuary

Hope Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Hope Church has achieved a true immersive worshiping experience and can now deliver impactful worship ministry programs that match the beauty of its unique, new facilities. It sets the bar for churches wanting to minister to the next generation.

Mountain Christian Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Mountain Christian Church had been looking for property to launch their fourth campus. Finally, they were able to secure prime space in an office park - but the building only had 13ft of usable height! Through extensive planning and creative application, the church and their community is incredibly satisfied.

Oak Hills Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Oak Hills Church broadcasts worship services to thousands of viewers every week. Continuity between their six campuses is very important, and the infrastructure supporting their ministry cannot fail. With attention to detail, creativity, and strategic partnerships, All Pro delivered a state-of-the-art worship center that continues Oak Hills’ commitment to excellence.

Northview Church Westfield Campus
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • With a goal to reach more than 20,000 people, Northview Church partnered with CCI Solutions to build their latest campus to reach Westfield, IN. Embracing audio, video, and lighting technology to reach people is key to Northview's strategy, and the systems CCI Solutions delivered didn't disappoint.

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