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LED Walls Renting, Leasing: Pay Attention to Weight, Power
By Tony Staires · February 9, 2017 • When planning for a temporary LED wall solution for your church, pay attention to structural capabilities to support install, as well as power requirements.

For Churches, Which Video Elements Offer Impact?
By Nathan Williams · August 26, 2016 • Today's use of video offers an array of tools for houses of worship in seeking to best relay the message to their congregation.

Purchasing Considerations for Your Digital Signage
By Lauren Campbell · March 25, 2015 • There's more that goes into digital signage than just a video wall. Read about what you should consider for your ministry and how to keep it cost-effective.

Display Options For Your Digital Signage
By Lauren Campbell · March 12, 2015 • If you are thinking about adding digital signage to your church, read about the different options you have so you can give your audience a new experience.

Ben-Q Reinvents Commercial Digital Signage
By TD Staff · November 6, 2014 • Eye-Catching Dual-Side, Bar-Type, and Transparent Displays Now Shipping in North America.

Outdoor Enclosures Offer Protection and Enhanced Aesthetics for Digital Signage
By Leslie T. O'Neill · April 7, 2014 • When you want to install a flat panel display or digital TV outside, you have two options. You can either splurge on a weatherproof unit designed for outside use or you can pair an indoor model with an outdoor enclosure. To determine which is right for you, you have to answer two questions: How much do you want to spend? What do you want your outdoor display to look like?

How to Buy an Outdoor Flat Panel Display
By Leslie T. O'Neill · April 7, 2014 • Touch screens aside, other advances in technologies have made flat panels designed for outdoor use much more practical and affordable. Until recently, most vendors were still using CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) instead of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as the backlights in their weatherproof LCD digital signs. Here are five tips to finding the right outdoor display.

Digital Signage and Mobile Wayfinding — 4 Solutions for House of Worship
By Curtis Emery · March 20, 2014 • Digital signage is always evolving and so is wayfinding technology. One of these developments is mobile wayfinding — where mobile integration lets visitors take digital signage with them. Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or Andriod these platforms take digital signage to the next level of communication. We profile four companies that offer mobile wayfinding for digital signage: Four Winds Interactive, 22MILES, Jibestream Interactive Media, and Here2There Software. Check out the videos of how these work.

Digital Signage Expo 2014 Shows How Far Digital Signage’s Reach Has Grown
By Dan Daley · February 25, 2014 • Video, intelligent facial/gender recognition and outdoor displays are just some of the products showcased and the 2014 Digital Signage Expo.

Inside 4 Critical Elements of an MNEC Solution
By TechDecisions · February 21, 2014 • For any person involved in designing or procuring and effective mass notification emergency communication (MNEC) system, the following video tutorial is worth watching. Lencore, an audio, soundmasking and MNEC solutions manufacturer, taps into the fact that there remains a large learning curve when it comes to this all-too-critical category.

NEC Announces New Touch-Integrated V Series Display
By TD Staff · December 16, 2013 • The new display is a commercial-grade panel that allows for extended use for learning, digital signage and way-finding applications in education and corporate environments.

What’s Involved in Deploying Interactive Digital Wayfinding
By Daniel P. Dern · November 4, 2013 • Wayfinding digital signage is a solution for providing directions and in-depth information on a campus or building site. The tools needed and the options available for content are numerous. This article explains them.

The Benefits of Integrating Wayfinding with Digital Signage and Who’s Using it Now
By Daniel P. Dern · November 1, 2013 • Wayfinding digital signage is the perfect way to provide directions around your facility, provide information about your amenities and add branding to your signage.

Kick Start Series: Digital Signage Ideas You Can Use Now in Your House of Worship
By TD Staff · October 29, 2013 • Houses of worship digital signage kick start ideas. 11 digital signage installations from different types of facilities to help get your idea process on the right track - whether you are just getting started or taking your current system to the next level. Plus a complete guide to digital signage content management systems available now.

Using Tablets in Digital Signage
By Daniel P. Dern · October 17, 2013 • The tablet is gaining ground in digital signage. First came the iPad and not to long after came Android-based devices. The push, aside from convenience and flexibility, cost. A $500 tablet is far more attractive than a $3,000 display. Plus these tablets are technology that users can interact with immediately, because they are familiar. Whether the tablet use is for digital menus, point of sale, wayfinding or more customized use, the ground gained by these products is growing.

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