Absen’s Xv-Series to be Showcased at LDI: Live Outside This Week
By TD Staff · November 15, 2017 • Xv-series LED display solution offers a series of features, including flicker-free 3840Hz refresh rate.

Display Supplier Opens New Office, Contact Center, Manufacturing, Distribution Facility
By TD Staff · April 17, 2017 • New space highlights various digital wall displays, configurable furnishings and other products available through Massachusetts-based company.

Choosing LED Displays Over Projection for Your House of Worship
By TD Staff · February 18, 2016 • The standard projection model isn’t the only option churches have when it comes to displaying video, text and graphics inside their houses of worship.

Inside Digital Signage Strategies in Worship
By Lauren Campbell · September 8, 2015 • In 1948, Chapelwood United Methodist Church had just 19 members that were committed to going to weekly services. Fast forward to today, the church plays host to over 5,000 members. Even with a large number like that, it still consider itself to be a neighborhood friendly church. Its facility includes a large sanctuary, chapel, fellowship hall and even a library.

The First Academy Grows Their Network by Adding Digital Signage
By Lauren Campbell · June 29, 2015 • Designed for scalability, security and ease of use, Carousel lets users fill displays with a montage of video, pictures, text, tickers, social posts, weather graphics and more.

Hitachi’s CP-WX8255A Projector Dazzles Grace Community Church With Clarity and Brightness
By TD Staff · May 7, 2015 • The Hitachi CP-WX8255A 3LCD projector was the best solution. Located in Tacoma, WA, Grace Community Church hosts 75-100 members weekly, with the projector being an important element of each service.

Renewed Vision Graces Passion 2015 Live Worship Events
By TD Staff · April 29, 2015 • With spectacular staging, big-screen displays, theatrical lighting, all-encompassing sound and close to 20,000 spectators at every event, this year’s Passion Conference—Passion 2015—looked more like a major rock concert than a religious event. But the Passion 2015 event is actually three full days of music, inspirational speeches, video, lights and stagecraft designed to bring 18 to 25 year olds closer to Jesus Christ.

Legacy Church Elevates Worship Experience With Digital Signage
By TD Staff · April 1, 2015 • Legacy Church was able to create a memorable and impactful worship experience for its 10,000 weekly attendees and more effectively disseminate information to its community with their new digital signage platform.

8 Advantages of Having Digital Signage in Your Church
By Lauren Campbell · March 9, 2015 • Digital Signage can help improve your ministry in many ways from making visitors feel welcome to making general announcements. Click to read more about what it can do to help you improve.

Federation Helps Churches Go Digital With Signage
By Martin SInderman · February 11, 2015 • The Digital Signage Federation offers resources to houses of worship.

Latest Tips for Digital Signage
By Martin Sinderman · February 6, 2015 • Digital signage provides a particularly effective welcome to members and visitors at entrance displays sharing the church’s latest news.

Encouragement for the Christmas Rush
By WTD Staff · December 17, 2014 • Greg Holder, Pastor of The Crossing in St. Louis, offers encouragement to tech teams during the business of the Christmas season.

Free Chapel Brings The Message From Multi-Site To Worldwide
By TD Staff · October 30, 2014 • Free Chapel recently overhauled their video system to meet their ministry goals, enabling them to reach thousands through multi-site streaming and TV and online broadcast.

Understanding Brightness in Outdoor Displays
By Leslie T. O'Neill · April 7, 2014 • An outdoor display's brightness is the one thing that truly sets it apart from an indoor display. Learn how to choose the right display that provides the appropriate brightness for your space.

Putting the Digital Signage Team Together
By Perry Goldstein · February 10, 2014 • Developing a team for digital signage needs to start before installation. Your team will include your integrator, your digital signage champion, your content manager and your IT department.

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