Audio Production: The Boy, The Bed and The Band
By Grant Norsworthy · May 17, 2018 • The applications for the bouncing-toddler illustration have grown exponentially in recent years, into a way of thinking about music in general; giving a clear goal to work toward when crafting a band’s sonic quality.

Bang on the Drum All Day: Learning About Miking Techniques
By TD Staff · September 29, 2017 • This piece offers a fresh look at drum kit microphone techniques, including by taking a less conventional approach at what could work best.

Exclusive Roland TD50KV-FC Electronic Drum Kit A Best Match for Churches
By Andres Caamano · September 18, 2017 • Full Compass recently announced an exclusive version of the TD-50 electronic drum kit, a configuration with churches — small or large — in mind. It's one of the best.

Drums in Church: Rhythmic Blessing or Holy Terror?
By Kent Morris · August 7, 2017 • The benefit of drums derives from appropriate usage, so recognize that it simply another tool. Pay attention to the various approaches and options that are available for churches.

Controlling Drums In The Worship Environment
By David McLain and Jeremy Carter · April 14, 2016 • Remember the main goal: prevent the acoustic sound of the drums from either overpowering the rest of the band, or reverberating around the room.

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Worship Facilities Magazine, March-April 2018
The March-April 2018 issue of Worship Facilities Magazine offers articles about how to prepare, prevent and respond to church violence, a look into what church management software can do for your church community, and a piece on how a once popular nightclub venue was transitioned to become Shoreline Church's new home.

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