New Product Awards 2017 - Lighting: Elation Artiste DaVinci WH
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • The Artiste DaVinci WH is a full-featured, theatrical-grade LED moving head spot with a beautiful white housing that fits ideally in any HoW environment. It delivers a combination of power, color and projection for use in a wide range of applications from worship space to service, music, play or broadcast.

Elation Adds World Premiere Product Launches to PLASA Lineup
By TD Staff · September 11, 2017 • Artiste Dali and Dartz 360 both have been nominated for a PLASA Award for Innovation, for show held in London from September 17-19.

Has LED Defeated Arc Source?
By Charlie Pike · August 24, 2017 • LED sources are better than discharge fixtures in practically every measure now, with the obvious being power consumption.

Elation Hybrid IP65 Moving Head Engineered to Empower Creativity
By TD Staff · July 31, 2017 • Multi-functional IP-rated arc source fixture Proteus™ series hits the market; offers spot, beam and wash modes.

Elation Proteus Beam Moving Head Set to Empower Creativity
By TD Staff · March 3, 2017 • First in Proteus series of IP-rated arc source fixtures created from extensive R&D work, with the ability to use the fixture when inclement weather occurs.

Moving Lights: Find the Right RGBW Match For Your Church
By Andres Caamano · February 10, 2017 • Nine models from Clay Paky, PR Lighting, Robe Lighting, CHAUVET, Blizzard Lighting, Elation, Mega-Lite, American DJ, and Epsilon stand out.

2016 New Product Awards - Lighting
By TD Staff · December 5, 2016 • The following 10 entrants were part of the 2016 New Product Awards, with the submissions from CHAUVET, Elation, Mega Systems, Mod Scenes, and Unilumin earning winning entries.

2016 New Product Awards Winners
By TD Staff · November 3, 2016 • Take the time to review each of the 27 category winners for the 2016 New Product Awards.

2016 New Product Awards: Elation EMOTION™
By TD Staff · November 1, 2016 • EMOTION™ is a compact yet powerful moving head digital luminaire with next generation digital lighting technology and an all-new price to performance ratio. Features include an on-board media server, royalty-free digital art/videos and uploadable custom content. Easy to use, it does not require an abundance of DMX channels to operate.

Lights That Move? Inconceivable!
By Charlie Pike · October 3, 2016 • LEDs have come a seriously long way since the technology first began being used within the entertainment industry.

Great Fixtures To Make Your Lighting More Dynamic
By Duke DeJong · August 15, 2016 • When used well, color in lighting is an extremely effective way to convey mood and emotion.

When Seeking Clarity, These 10 LED Wall Models Stand Tall
By Andres Caamano · May 19, 2016 • With pixel pitch specifications ranging from 3.47 mm to 6.67 mm, each LED flat panel model offers optimal viewing for church installations.

Top Lighting Product picks for Tomorrows Solutions
By TD Staff · November 11, 2015 • Ultimately, the quality of your lighting systems will play a substantial role in the quality of your communication.

What You Need to Know from InfoComm 2015
By Lauren Campbell · June 23, 2015 • Every year, InfoComm showcases audio, video and lighting products to spectators and end-users alike. If you were unable to attend, take a look at the best products for houses of worship.

Top 5 Lighting Products from NAB
By Lauren Campbell · April 27, 2015 • NAB in Las Vegas, NV featured many lighting companies with LED fixtures that would fit perfectly into your ministry. Whether you're looking for low-wattage or a wall-mountable light, NAB had you covered. Check out these top 5 lighting products that were featured at the show.

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