TechLogix Expands 18G over Twisted Pair Range
By TD Staff · January 8, 2018 • Compact Extender by TechLogix Networx leverages VLC processing to extend full 18G up to more than 300 feet.

Streaming Video Switchers a Solid Option for Many Churches
By Mark Hanna · September 11, 2017 • No matter how you do it, today there very few excuses for a church to not have streaming content in one form or fashion.

DVEO Releases 4K Ultra HD H.265/HEVC Live Video Decoder & Server
By TD Staff · August 16, 2017 • New video player, the Mavio, features HDMI output and built-in scheduling, decoding live streams and playing back directly from stored compressed files in real time.

Final Cut Pro X Tips for Small Teams
By Chris New · May 24, 2016 • A few options are available for those on a nonprofit budget when looking to get the most out of Final Cut Pro X.

Legrand Offers Greater Network Capacity:  24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
By TD Staff · October 29, 2014 • Responding to the need for infrastructure to effectively support the increase in networked devices being used in homes, churches and small businesses, Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, has introduced the DA2524 Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

Wohler Technologies Announces new Recorder, Audio Monitor and More
By Curtis Emery · July 10, 2012 • Wohler Technologies is set to release the new ContentProbe recorder, a new AMP1-16M Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio monitor, the new RadiantGrid media automation platform and three new DVM monitors.

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