TechLogix Expands 18G over Twisted Pair Range
By TD Staff · January 8, 2018 • Compact Extender by TechLogix Networx leverages VLC processing to extend full 18G up to more than 300 feet.

Magenta Debuts Long-Range HDMI Extension Solution
By TD Staff · June 11, 2013 • The HD-One DX 500 and LX 500 can deliver digital signals up to 500 feet.

Extron Ships Extender for HDMI Twisted Pair
By TD Staff · January 2, 2013 • The DTP HDMI 330 is designed for long-distance transmission of HDMI and other signals.

Extron Introduces Compact HDMI Fiber Optic Extender
By TD Staff · December 17, 2012 • The HFX 100 HDMI Fiber Optic Extender promises images up to 1920-by-1200 pixels.

Gefen HD KVM ELR Can Transmit HDMI Up to 330 Feet
By TD Staff · October 10, 2012 • The company’s next-generation extender uses a single Cat5 cable.

Extron Ships High-Res VGA Line Driver with EDID Minder
By TD Staff · October 4, 2012 • The new product can extend VGA signals up to 250 feet.

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