Video on a Budget: Seek Cost-Effective Solutions Over Cutting Corners
By Marcus Hammond · April 12, 2018 • Poorly designed and underpowered church video systems are oddly prolific. It’s your job, as a steward of the video system at your church, though, to instead push for the right tool in the right application, for maximum impact.

Looking to Upgrade Your Cameras from an iPhone to Stream?
By Stefan Svard · February 8, 2018 • A lower resolution three-chip camera can actually render more accurate images to that of a higher resolution single-chip camera when you compare on a pixel-by-pixel resolution.

The Basics Behind Sound System Engineering
By Jeff Snyder · April 13, 2017 • There is a lot of science behind acoustics and many different ways to analyze and treat a room to decrease decay and increase the intelligibility of your audio signals.

15-Inch Subwoofers: The Best Compromise on Size, Power
By Andres Caamano · February 2, 2017 • Woofer cones of this size offer a solid middle ground for churches seeking a mix of solid bass and subwoofer units that don't run too large, particularly for portable churches needing quick setup and tear down.

Choosing the Right Audio Console
By Tony Staires · January 28, 2016 • Granger Community Church's production audio coordinator discusses how an audio console plays a major role in what you do on the weekends, so making a change shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Easy Solutions to Major Acoustics Issues for Houses of Worship
By Dan Daley · September 17, 2013 • Kenric VanWyk of acoustical engineering firm Acoustics By Design discusses some of the issues facing houses of worship today. He describes how to solve acoustical issues easily.

Pro Audio Helpline: The Best Sites for Gear and Installation Tips
By Dan Daley · July 16, 2013 • In the Information Age, knowledge is everything. But where do you find everything you need to know? It turns out there’s plenty of knowledge out there for the taking, from a plethora of online pro audio and musical instrument sources that may not get you a sheepskin in the subjects but do offer a vast array of useful information on tap 24/7 that house of worship audio systems professionals and volunteers alike will find useful. Here are some of the best.

Epikos Church Rejuvenates a Theatrical Gem
By Dan Daley · July 16, 2013 • Following an extensive $2 million renovation that spared it from the wrecking ball, the theater has now been given a new lease on life as the West campus to Milwaukee’s expanding Epikos church. Originally built in 1929, the landmark 1,100-seat theater located at the city’s bustling Six Points intersection of Greenfield and National Avenues has served as a performing arts theater, a hub for local vaudeville, a cinema house and a worship facility for other church groups. However, in recent years the Paradise had become vacant, falling into such disrepair that the city’s building inspectors declared that it must either be repaired or demolished.

St. Augustine Church Brings Speech Intelligibility to the 19th Century
By Dan Daley · June 21, 2013 • St. Augustine Church can trace its roots back to the 19th Century, and with such a historic precedent comes speech intelligibility problems. With help from Community speakers, a dSPEC processor and the understanding AV install group Stage Right Productions, the historic church was able to minimize intelligibility and reverberation ailments without compromising the quintessential atmosphere of the house of worship.

The AV & IT Convergence Conversation Starter
By TD Staff · June 6, 2013 • TechDecisions Media's Editor-in-Chief Cindy Davis talks to Mike Brandofino, executive vice president of Video and Unified Communications of AVI-SPL about the discussions A/V specialists and IT specialists should be having.

Avoiding Video Integration Pain Points
By Julie Knudson · June 5, 2013 • Cost, preparation and the lack of cooperation of your fellow employees are the most important areas where you will see pitfalls in your video integration efforts.

Game Changers at InfoComm 2013
By Christopher Neto · June 3, 2013 • Whether the star of the show is Microsoft Lync, near-field communications, or Google Glass, Christopher Neto, CTS, will be at the show looking for it.

Pastor Relies on Video Recordings to Maintain His Presence at Church
By Dan Daley · May 23, 2013 • Prayer Tower Church in Illinois depends on their A/V-oriented sanctuary to hold services no matter where their pastor is.

What You Need to Know for Lighting Meeting Rooms, Auditoriums and Lecture Halls
By Joy Zaccaria · May 13, 2013 • Experts say that when lighting large spaces you should take into account the people that will be standing in the area, rather than just lighting a space. Think of presentations rather than a lit corner. Learn more from experts at AMX, Lutron and Brightline.

The Science (and a little Art) of Loudspeaker Placement
By Frederick J. Ampel · May 10, 2013 • Frederick J. Ampel discusses what's out there for loudspeaker systems and how best to place them for your application. He breaks down what distributed and directional systems are and helps you pick the right one.

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