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Impressive Array of Entrants For New Product Awards 2017
By Andres Caamano · October 5, 2017 • This year's New Product Awards entrants for 2017 provided a wide scope of solid considerations for those that will be awarded onsite at WFX in Dallas this year.

New Product Awards 2017 - Video: Kramer VP-734
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • The Kramer VP−734 supports analog and embedded audio inputs and outputs and includes rich audio functionality and a stereo loudspeaker output.

Environmental, Lyrics Projection Among Featured Upgrades At Arkansas Church
By Andres Caamano · September 21, 2017 • In just nine months, Living Faith Church underwent five phases of install upgrades, with the final two phases featuring six Hitachi projectors, four JVC cameras, two Matrox TripleHead2Go modules, a Kramer presentations switcher/scaler, and a pair of Apple iMacs.

2016 New Product Awards - Video Products
By TD Staff · January 6, 2017 • The following 23 entrants were part of the 2016 New Product Awards, with the submissions from Epson, JVC, TelVue, Grandview, Ross Video, and ROE Visual each earning winning entries.

2016 New Product Awards: Kramer VP-734
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • The VP-734 is a seven-input presentation scaler/switcher with four HDMI, one DisplayPort and two universal analog video inputs. It up- and down-scales to selectable graphics or HDTV output resolutions (up to 4K UHD) and provides fast fade-thru-black switching between sources; perfectly suited for live applications, such as a worship service.

The Challenges of Interfacing HDMI In the World of Professional Audio/Video
By TD Staff · March 10, 2015 • A whitepaper provided by Worship Tech Director and Kramer offers ways to learn how to overcome the challenges that HDMI presents in a multi-point distributed Audio/Video installation.

Video Winners: Worship Facilities New Product Awards
By TD Staff · October 2, 2014 • The 2014 Worship Facilities New Product Award winners were announced at the WFX Block Party on Oct. 1 in Dallas.

Worship Facilities Technology Awards: Video
By TD Staff · September 25, 2014 • Entrants in the video category of the Worship Facilities New Product Technology Awards, the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market.

Kramer Puts Stereo Audio into VP-28 Switcher
By TD Staff · May 6, 2013 • The new device has a mix of analog and digital inputs to accommodate small and medium installs.

Kramer Electronics Partners Up with ComQi
By TD Staff · February 4, 2013 • Kramer now has exclusive rights to manufacturing, sales and marketing for ComQi's Media Distribution products.

Kramer Puts Ethernet into C-HM/HM/PRO HDMI Cable
By TD Staff · January 8, 2013 • The high-speed cable is designed for demanding HDMI installations.

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