Christmas Production: Setting the Stage for Christmas
By Alex Fuller · November 17, 2017 • Chances are you’ll be the only one to notice slight changes that are made to the set, and the audience will still end up being amazed.

Role of A Creative Director: Look to Three Components for Success
By Bradley Hodges · November 9, 2017 • A leader can leave directions, show volunteers exactly what buttons to push at exactly the right moment, but the true test of leadership, is in releasing.

Christmas Production: It’s Never Too Early To Begin Planning
By Kevin Penrod · September 7, 2017 • A month after our Christmas production, I am the guy at Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, who is pestering everyone to find a date right after Easter to start the initial planning stages, where people begin throwing ideas around about what to do next year.

Have a Great Rehearsal, and the Weekend Will Be Amazing!
By Brian Wilson · September 5, 2017 • Quality rehearsals have three ingredients: the physical act of going through the song structure, the picking apart and fixing any mistakes or rough spots, and the dynamic of adding creativity or special elements to the songs or set of songs.

Team Development: Continue to Develop Your Craft, Focus on What’s Important
By Nathan VonMinden · August 2, 2017 • When seeking for ways to help grow your team, be aware of certain "what not to do" pitfalls, beginning with expecting your team members to work on improving in their craft on their own.

Team Development: It’s Not About the “I”
By Debbie Keough · June 1, 2017 • Leadership isn’t about telling your team what to do. Leadership is most effective when you are serving your team.

How to Get and Keep Great Volunteers
By Van Metschke · March 14, 2017 • Among the many ways: Consistently encourage members of the Tech Team to seek out and find others that might be great additions to the team.

Seeking Millennials in Tech Ministry
By Van Metschke · January 17, 2017 • As a tech director, I worked with and mentored many millennials and found them to be amazing people, but they definitely have a different point of view from those in past generations.

A Few Ideas On How Best To Lead Amazing Teams
By Stephen Brewster · November 7, 2016 • In seeing things differently, creatives must take the time to build teams that excel toward designing things that make you proud.

Who’s Leading and Who’s Managing?
By Lee Varian · June 27, 2016 • Those who are usually at the top of the org chart for church multi-sites need to function both as leaders and managers for the whole team.

As A Church Leader, Certain Principles Key To Growth
By Bradley Hodges · June 21, 2016 • As leaders, we need to continue to shape our church cultures using a leadership model built upon a foundation of servanthood, modeled by Christ.

Changing Focus - A Culture That Thrives
By Duke DeJong · May 23, 2016 • Churches often create so many programs and/or perceived needs that a staff and volunteers often feel used from week to week.

The Multi-Site ‘X-Factor’
By Lee Varian · April 19, 2016 • Interfacing with ministry leaders is a critical component of successful production teams, as a significant amount of effort is usually required to establish healthy relationships within the church.

From No to Yes: How to Get Your Sound System Proposal Approved
By Duke DeJong · March 28, 2016 • Other than a brief recommendation, 'I' should rarely be seen or heard in your proposals. The more personal you make your pitch, the more questions generally get raised.

Van Metschke: Best Practices to Building Rock Star Teams
By Van Metschke · March 22, 2016 • As I move through my career both in tech and ministry, I have found the most joy when mentoring and apprenticing.

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